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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Andes Facelift 2013 [Teaser]

Not my first attempt and definitely not my last one, unless I got into an accident, crash and fact I already blog about this place like 2 times. First was with our pork lovers friends, HERE and another time was a blogger gathering, HERE. I have a love hate relationship to this place, before I knew it, they ave closed. I thought they were closed for like REAL, but I was soon surprised with new news, they were just undergoing a uplift progress.

From a family home style warm cottage to a open door hanging out place.

Their menu is pretty much similar, prices might fluctuate, but at this time, they are still working out the last bit to finalize everything, so it's not approprite for me to disclose too much, until another proper session of food review.

Of course, they still have soup. Teaser: it'll be full when they are fullly operate, but hope they will not water down the chunky mushroom. OH my... it was soo good. >.<

Instead of fried, this pork serving place is going to another level of fries.

To make their food comfortable, they have to tuck them in.

Not to forget their signature meat balls. But it's server on a bun, maybe it's not a meat ball afterall, who knows?

Alongside with that, I discovered the juiciest grill chicken in my life.

But I was not too please by the rubbery "THING"

Andes sure have lot more to improve since it's take over by these bunch of energetic youngters. Do give them a chance and revisit them since they have reopen the shop by now.

But please lah, don't tell them "I want your meat balls", or your "juicy chicken" or "rubbery thing". These is just a teaser post before they invite me to a proper Food Review when they are truly ready for a critic. Promise me, do hop on and help them to improve ya!

Andes BYO
K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


  1. Sweet potato fries? Pork burger still there? That's the only thing I like the most. But wonder how's the quality now.