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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A short story about a bitch missing her dad

Wanna share a heart warming story that I see with my own eyes just now.
My dad has been away for few month outstation. When my mom talk to my dad on loud speaker this afternoon, Kopi (our bitch, which is kept outside the house) listen attentively and wag her tail once in a while. After my mom put down the phone, Kopi still waiting at the door. She then became impatient and bark. Funny thing is, she rarely bark. She is so sensitive to noise, even a car pass by, she would freak out and run away,  not barking at them. SO, her behavior of barking constantly makes me curious. At first, I thought she just missed me and want more time to play (I just finish playing with her before my dad called). SO I go near the door and want to give her a pat. She kindda ignore me and look into the house. My brother was playing in front of the comp and my mom is eating. Kopi isn't attached to my mom coz my mom don't like dogs. So both of them can't be the suspect of why Kopi behave differently. Then my hypothesis of her, thinking my dad came back emerge. I called my dad again and put him to loud speaker. Instead of just barking, she jumped around and wonder and bark even louder. I think she might be confuse. She can heard my dad's voice but she can't see him. After I off the call, she stares at my phone. I move my phone left, her eyes follow to my left, I move my phone right, she looks to the right. I tried with other object but her eye sight doesn't like following my phone.I have something to do, so I go away from the door. In just a while, she moved away from the door, no barking and don't stare into the house any more. Few minutes ago, I open the house door, going out to take something, she quickly rush out from behind the house to in front the house just to check. Usually, if I open the house door, she will not have this kind of reaction. Pfft.... I wouldn't want to say I am jealous, but I really am..... damn bitch, who offer you nice treat every now and then huh?

That's her, a photo I keep in my Instagram a while ago. She is still petite like this, although she is a German Shepard mix and is already an adult. I just like the black spot under her eyes, looks just like blush, except it's black in color.

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