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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Pets Story

Handsome Husky.

*Confused dog*
This is confused cat
"Dafuq are you?"

"Bitch please, I am fabulous, do my nail too!"

"wooff woff! Nice~"

"O O do mine too? Pretty please?"

"I shall free from the cage for NO time! I just need to keep biting!!!"

"Dafuq are you?"

"Bitch please, I don't care, I just wanna sniff my bag..."

"Awww... I want to sniff that bag too ="( "

"We shall take a break from acting cute and nap Zzzzz"

Hahaha.. .. Know why so many cutie puppy photo this time?

Just some random shoot I did on the Pets more exhibition in Tropicana earlier this month. All my close friend know I like pets, but I prefer doggies more than pussies. I have reason behind it and I don't wish to share it now.

My house has a new member, a puppy.
My sister named it Kopi. My sister named the pup instead of me because she was the one who brought her back. According to my sis, she is just 2 months old. She choose her (Kopi) cause she likes German Shepherd.

A clue on how adult German Shepherd looks like

and how German Shepherd pups looks like.

a lot difference ai?

Kopi may looks like a adult German Sheppard, long standing ears, black and brown coat, sharp pointed face, short coat, and pretty smart. The problem is, those physical characteristic of German Sheppard will not display on it's pup until they are like 1/2 or 1 year old? That's the problem! Kopi is not a German Shepherd. She is a mongrel. Even her parent's owner doesn't know what breed they are. There might be German Shepherd blood in her, but she is not a pure breed. 

I mean, do it even matter if she is a pure breed or not? My sister likes the physical apperance of a German shepherd, she doesn't even care does she behaves like one! Frankly, my house never had a pure breed dog as pet before. No no, don't get me wrong, it's totally ok if u have pure breed dog. My uncle has one Husky, just a few months elder than Kopi.
Her name is Tina, but my uncle just called her girl~
She likes water a lot and got so excited when it was raining out there (hence the rain drops on her coat)

I can see that my uncle really loved her and take care of her really well. When I visited her and snaped her photo, I hesitate to post it out cause I am affraid that my uncle don't like it. You know, these pups aren't cheap, what if kidnap petnap because I disclose too much of his pet's info?

" Wooo wooo~ I like you belly rub rub~ who are you again? Ysquare? Oooooo"

What I am trying to say is that. Not matter what breed is the dog, once he/she recognise you as their master, they will be loyal to you for the rest of their life. They will even love you more than they love themselves.

There are no different of loyalties between a mongrel and a breeded one. If they are offsprings of certain breed, you can predict how are their characteristic will be, if they are mongrel, you have more surprises to know what they are capable of when they grow older. 
This is Faye and yellow, Faye (top) was my step son, and Yellow (down) is Faye's offspring. They accommodate Kopi's place before this. Faye was a mongrel. He was not very large, but his muscles are very strong. He can run and jump like no other dog that I have ever know. I didn't know about his capability before he was 1/2 years old.

Sadly, Faye die because of me. I was so sad and couldn't stop blaming myself for a period of time. Remember what I said about Dog loves you more than they loves themselves? I see it with myself. So, don't judge the dog by it's breed. If you are planning to get a pet and is considering a dog, PLEASE I beg you, please list a mongrel in your list too.

These are the website that you can find more information:

Adopting mongrel reduces stray pets, well in a way that is not in a great amount. But do note that some breeder has no ethic where the bitch is force to mate once the pups don't need milks any more, so you are actually hurting your pet's parent while ripping them off from  their family. If you adopt a mongrel or stray, you are giving them a new home where there have none before.

If you wish to help, but can't afford to adopt a pet under any circumstances, you can still donate to SPACA via:

No offence if you are a Muslim or if you don't like dogs. I just wanna share a piece of information and my story.


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