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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Penang diary 11: Berlin's Bier Houz

Berlin's Bier Houz in Straits Quay.
Do you remember I introduce Straits Quay before?

Just a recap:
Straits Quay
Straits Quay is a beautiful vibrant place at day.

Straits Quay
At night, it turn to be a mysterious hang out place by the sea, where you can see people chilling, drink, strolling with the company of salty winds.
I would wanna sit out side the bar for a nice, windy sea breeze, but it was full. So, we have no choice but to sit in the bar. It was not too bad, but I still prefer the sea-side scenery.

Probably due to 2 major event in Penang on the earlier of the evening, Straits Quay was packed, so is Berlin Bier Houz.

We share the liquor. Since I am not very good alcohol resistance, so I ordered half pint of cider.
I am very sorry that I forgot the name, but I have to say that the apple cider taste sour sweet with a bitter after taste. Not really how I like my cider would be, but the taste is still very complimented.

As for the guys, they ordered half pint of Franziskaner Weissbier (also known as white beer or wheat beer)
It does not have so much of malt taste like your usual Carlsberg. Surprisingly, it has very smooth after taste which I love.

I was driving a lone from Kulim that night and I wouldn't want to risk my life by drinking too much, so I had some snack with the cider. I ordered meat balls. Very well marinated and chewy (tendons). Probably because I was hungry too ^__^

So, this post indicated my last post of My Penang diary at the moment. So far, I have no solid plan to go back Penang in the near future for career development, but for vacations, I think I can go back Penang once in a while since I really like this place a lot.

Next will be another historical city travel diary. Are you excited? Me too XD


  1. Hello!!! I promised to visit ur blog hahaha I really love Penang too!! *high 5* but I beh tahan the drivers there la