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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Multi-layered Tokyo Fruit Tarts is now in Karafuru Tokyo Street, Pavilion K.L!

They said money is man's best friend, Chocolate is a girl's best friend. Me? Dessert of course!

I tried various of desserts ranging from ice-creams, cakes, sorbets, crepe, chocolate, fruits, puff etc. So when I know there is a new fruit tart shop open in town, 2 days a go which is 21th Dec 2011,  I was getting so excited. Too bad, I am out of town, else I might gained 3 kgs due to the food indulgence I have there~ LOL

This new fruit tart shop is called Karafuru, which is the pronunciation of "colorful" in Japanese.

A lil fact on the new shop:
Address : Tokyo Street, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.
Contact no : 03-2143 5737 (Outlet) or 012 312 3971 ( Shea Leen )
Email :

PhotobucketThe flavor includes:
o Strawberry Chocolate
o Mango
o Grape
o Oreo
o Green Tea Red Bean
o Raspberry Peach
o Chocolate Banana
o Black-forest
o Blueberry Meringue
o Mixed Fruits

That is such an enjoyment by just looking at the attractive tarts

Mind you that these handmade tarts are perfected by chefts from Japan, using only fresh ingredient, ranging from the custard/choco filling, cream, fruit puree etc.

You will be surprise by the tart once you try it yourself.

Bad for me but good for you than when you like Karafuru Facebook page at , you will get a 30% discount voucher on the whole or sliced tart.
(note that this is not the real voucher, you have to LIKE KARARUFU 1st to get the real voucher!)

So "LIKE" Karafuru fast (like NOW!) so that you wouldn't missed the promotion ends on 31st Jan 2012.

Although they promised to treat me some tarts but 

Y I No in K.L????


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