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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Penang Diary 9: New World Park Hawker Center, Penang

Coutesy to Isaac Tan to bring me to tour around his home town, Penang Island during my internship period in Kulim. Glade that Ivan, Isaac's brother and Henry aka Clevermunkey join us that day in New World Park

Looking at this makes me realise I am a really slow blogger >.< I have come back from intership, took a 1 month holiday and passed the midtern break of a new sem, yet I haven't finish blogging about Penang. Well, what can I say, Penang is such a lovely place ^__^ that I can't finish talking about it #lameexcuses

Isaac and Henry picking up some "loh bak", 卤肉 from a random store.
Loh Bak is a traditional Nyonya food which is made by lean marinated pork meat, wrapped in bean curd skin then deep fry. It's very common both in Penang and also Melaka.

Don't cheat! I know you are drolling for the "loh bak"

Before I try Penang Char Kuay Teow, I really don't like the exaggerated that every Char Kuay Teow in K.L is . Once I try, I really fall in love for it. I like spicy food a lot, so I like the spicy char Kuey Teow(front) over the non spicy(back) one.

Pasembur. Thanks to my visit to Penang, I finally know how to differentiate "cucur udang" and pasembur.
LOL #noobfoodblogger ~

Ice Kacang. We also ordered cendol, but why I didn't took the pic? @~@

What we tried was just a small portion of what New World park can offer you.

From my dining experience in Penang, what ever sh!t as long as local food that you dine in Penang, no matter where is it, the quality will never be lower than average. But if you still don't trust my experience, I would still encourage you to New world park, which is just stone throw distance from Tune Hotel.

Lastly, a random picture I took there.
I wounder why thees deco are there =.=


  1. Nice to go on the nom journey in Penang with you!