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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Heineken Inspires Worldly Adventures with "Cities of the World"

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Are you the introvert otaku that always stay in door or you are an extrovert explorer who always look for new adventure? How much do you know the place you stay?

 Do you know your neighborhood by reading online articles and recommendations, or do you have a check-list to try all the newly open hidden treasure in the city and slowly solve each mystery you encounter?

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Do you know where should you go for a place for tailor made suit while hang out with your fellow gentlemen

P8070209 copy
like in Bespoked?

P8070195 copy
Do you know where is your town latest hypster art gallery 

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or a cafe dance club where you can ignore the world but only you, your partner and your dance move exist,

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like the Paradox Art Cafe?

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Or do you have a bright, class place that you can hang out to enjoy the silence in the center of the hubbub,

P8070199 copy
just like in Re:Placement?

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Heineken is launching their 2 month long campaign "Cities of the World" to inspire people to get out of our routines and start exploring our cities. We may be familiar with the hot spots of our cities, but may not venture out to explore more.
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With introduction of the limited cities edition bottles, 6 specially-designed limited edition Heineken bottles will be available to consumers. 

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Each bottle represents one of the 6 global cities Berlin, ShangHai, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Ansterdam, and London. A unique code found under the cap of each limited-edition bottle gives people a chance to win prizes, including an opportunity to unlock worldly adventures in New York.

For those with a passion for discovery, Heineken developed a mobile-friendly website which reveals unique locations across Malaysia. This geo-targeted compass gives people a look into interesting locations around their vicinity, enabling them to spark new experiences wherever they are. For more information on the ‘Open Your City’ social compass, and the Heineken’s Cities edition bottles, be sure to check out


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