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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ice Age Adventure @ Genting

Since closing of Genting's theme park, and the announcement of 20th Century Fox that will land as early as 2016, I have not found much reason to come back to Genting. I do not gamble, I have visited the Snow World, I have visited Chin Swee Temple , what else I can do in Genting other than enjoying the cold weather and the magnificent view?
P9200686 copy
Although Twentieth Century Fox World is still a while more to wait, at the mean time, I found out Ice Age Adventure has just landed earlier this month (1st September 2014) in Genting International Convention Centre Meeting 7-12, opening from 10 am to 10 pm. SO let's dive in and see what they've got!

At only RM 20.00 per person, you can enjoy yourself in the Ice Age Adventure which comes with three main key-zones namely the Ice Age Theater, Ice Age playground and Ice Age Meet-and-Greet featuring a variety of fun activities.

P9200638 copy
In the  Ice Age Theater, there will be a short film showing every once and hour. There are some interactive games with the kids, which including winning some Ice Age movie tickets, cool huh?!

As for me, my favorite key-zone would be the Ice Age Playground.
P9200620 copy

P9200647 copy

P9200643 copy

As for the meet and greet session, you can meet with Scratch, Sid and Diego and dance with them.

P9200694 copy
My most anticipated character is Scratch!

P9200615 copy
you have  no idea how many time I tried to snatch his acorn over >v<

P9200673 copy

P9200621 copy
as you saw, non success :(

On the other hand, there is also a coloring area for the kids. You may join too, there is no age limit.
P9200669 copy

And don't forget, each ticket is eligible for a free MatKool Popz ice-cream. I really like the surprise pop rock when it melt >u<

Thanks again Genting for the amazing experience,
P9200769 copy

and to forget my partner in crime, Jackie Loi for being my photographer. Cheers!
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