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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Locke [Movie Review]

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If you see this photo, you basically finished watching this movie. Except TOm Hardy has a few more expression.
Honestly, this is a not bad movie. The emotion, the story line, the conversation, it is what a real movie like. However, I bet a lot people will get turn off by the one man show. Yes, the whole movie, more than 1 hour, it's just Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke from different camera angle, with different emotion and conversations. He's character acted a bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hdye but I am sure everyone will become like him if they are in his shoes.

I wouldn't sya I highly recommend it, but it will be a memorable movie for you, if you are able to understand his strong English accent that wanted to sound like a German :(

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Overall: 7/10 [I know the hype is not too much, not really a must watch, only mediocre.]
3D/CG: 2/10 [Not to mention CG, even camera angle are repetitive. Well, for a movie on same set, how good you are you will end up repeating angles.]
Story: 9.5/10 [An open ended story line that will makes you wonder what will he do next.]
Cast: -/10 [Urgh... other than Tom Hardy, I can't identify who's sound is from the other side of the phone.]

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