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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coffee Pairing with Mike Yung and Pacific Coffee

Coffee these days are more than just a morning starter, it's more of a life style, indulgence and a symbol of social status. A cup of Kopi O from a local pasar might be comparable to a cup of long black in high end coffee cafe, but why younger generations are more willing to get a sip of similar flavor with a high value of money?

Frankly, I am not a coffee fanatic. I enjoy hanging out in the afternoon with a cup of beverage and a few tidbits. Either with or without company, it will still be great enjoyment.
Thanks to Mike Yung and Pacific Coffee, give me an opportunity to learn more about their coffe and dessert and the art of pairing them.

Although I know Pacific Coffee is available in Malaysia, my first attempt of Pacific Coffee was during my visit to Hong Kong. I do notice Pacific Coffee is indeed significantly better than most major coffee that put a ton of syrup in every drink, I wasn't sure is that a Hong Kong(every food is so much better in Hong Kong, except the one in Disneyland) thing or a Pacific Coffee thing.

Another reason Pacific Coffee Pacific didn't attract my attention that much is due to their way of cnducting business is just like everyone else. 3 size of beverage, tall, grande and alto.
You can buy their design thermos, mug and coffee cup in their shop.

Even the menu is quite similar.

With guidance of Mike Yung, PCC coffee ambassador(left) and Pacific Coffee Company centralized kitchen's cheft (right), a journey of coffee and desserts begin.

Sumatra (left), Ethiopian Mocha (center), Costa Rica (right)

Sumatra: From the well-known Indonesian Island, the Sumatra blend has a fascinating complex herbal and earthy aspect to the aroma which is derived from the highlands of the tropical forests and the surrounding area of lake toba.

Tiramisu: A popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert that is usually served in a small cup for a refined presentation.

Sumatra and Tiramisu: The smooth texture and flavours from the Tiramisu with wanut, releases earthy flavours to enhance the Sumatran coffee, make it the right complement for each other.

YY's thought: Sumatra is very strong bitter coffee. It doesn't have too much of superfluous taste. If Sumatra is a person, she is the kind of bitch that goes to your cubicle on the morning and slap you on the face and shout "wake up!" Perfect for the morning dose to wake you up. Tiramisu is also a kind of dessert that is bitter and nutty. The bitterness of the Sumatra blends brings out the nutty complexion of the Tiramisu even more.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful tropical landscape and fine coffee. Full bodied with a pungent characteristic, coupled with maple syrup and herbal notes, this coffee exhibits the typical sweet taste and bold richness.

AMerican Baked Cheesecake: A typical American Baked Cheesecake is rich as it has a dense, smooth and creamy testure. It relies on citrus flavour to enrich the cheese flavours.

Costa Rica and America Baked Cheesecake: The American Baked Cheesecake is paired with Costa Rican coffee to bring out a refreshing taste from the coffee bean and rich flavours of the cake.

YY's thought: Costa Rica blend is typical chocolaty and high acidity coffee. The acidity brings out the the citrus flavour of the lemon zest in the cheesecake and balance the overall fatty complexion.

Ethiopian Mocha: The Ethopian Mocha is rich in taste with notes of leather, wood, earth and nuances of berry fruit. It is a dry-processed coffee, unlike any other in the line, The processing of the beans tends to produce a heavy-bodied coffee with exceedingly low acidity. 

Blueberry Cheesecake: Blueberry on a wonderful cheesecake strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and tartness.

Ethiopian Mocha & Blueberry Cheesecake: Delicious blueberries, rich indulgennt cheesecake and Ethopian Mocha coffee forms a unique fruity fragrance.

YY's thought: Ethiopian Mocha is a very surprise blend as I have to put it. It has so many different flavours that emerge at different timing. I typically like the berry sweetness at the end of the cycle.The blueberry cheesecake can bring out the berry flavour of the coffee to an earlier and stronger appearance.

My personal number 1 choice of pair is Ethiopian Mocha & Blueberry Cheesecake. I like the delicateness and complexity of Ethiopian Mocha blend which is opposite to the strong bitter and strong acidity in the other 2 blend. Do try out this combination during your next visit to Pacific Coffee.


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