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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pulau Ketam, Klang, so call the "Paradise of Seafood"

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If you have never heard about Pulau Ketam before, you may wanna know some info from here.

ONE thing I can tell you for sure is that don't trust the picture in it. Pulau Ketam is also known for it dirtiness.

Thought it has improve since the last time my visit, it still have lots of space for improvement. I don't blame the resident there since the jeti to Pulau Ketam is.... erm... as you can see below:


Pulau Ketam's map:

As one common sense can tell whats a Pulau Ketam. Its direct translation to English is Crab Island. Indeed:

Those little dark color pebbles is not stones. It is crabs. You can easily find a big bunch of crab on the "beach" (or I rather call it mud) every where on the island.

If you think something thats common always require you to pay less? Well, this theory doesn't work quite well in here. All crabs are overprice. You can have twice as much crabs in KL with the same price.

Other than that, most seafood are still acceptable:


Braise "lala" with ginger and shallot

Ermmm... this is a kind of seafood, I forgot its name....Photobucket
Ermm... It looks and taste nice. Very chewable and most important, fresh. It is hardly found outside melaka strait.

"O jian"蚝煎

Nothing special, instead of 蚝(oyster),she gave me "lala". Cutting cost huh?

PhotobucketNo bias, but Melaka's "O jian" taste better

Other than seafood, the temple here is also an attraction which I think you will not be attracted at all.

There are only one type of ferry to Pulau Ketam:

It is very long, noisy but cheap.

RM 7 per trip to Pulau Ketam.

Like every other ordinary ferry, it is equipt with life vest.

However, the slow, noisy motor plus vibrating seat makes your ass in vibration mode in the whole 40 minute journey.

So, now you have another choice. Go for a private speedboat.

It is fast

It has nice view

Only the girl with long wouldn't like it.

Her hair blows on her face.

Else, ppl like me enjoys the trip.

A trip like this can helps you save 3 months of Botox.
The problem is, it has no safety equipment, since it is private and illegal, plus I have to stand due to no place to sit liao (maybe I should squat down like the aunty does)

Next time, IF I have to go to Pulau Ketam again (by force, of course), I will choose private speedboat instead of normal ferry.

Since I have a higher chance of using the life vest in the normal ferry.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daison Japan in Dataran Pahlawan

If you think this is just another ordinary RM5 or RM2 shop,

think again!
Daiso is the largest franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan. Daiso sets itself apart from other 100 yen shops by choosing not to sell closeout or factory second merchandise. Instead ,they keep prices low by purchasing directly from manufacturers in very high volume. Wanna know more about Daiso? Click here.

This is the first time I heard about Daiso. It sounds like "大傻"in Cantonese i.e. "si bodoh besar" or "big stupid fella". The first impression on something is not affirmative.
The Daiso shop that I first visit is my live is in Dataran Pahlawan.

It is like... how to say... ENORMOUssss!!!

Basically, it has everything you need

ranging from cosmetics,

Health and beauty,


Washing /cleaning, and...

Living??? 0.o" I wondere what it REALLY means....

Wah..... this kind of cute letter pad had extinct!

All these are so oriental...

The girls pick up some accessories....


I even found something that I have looking for, for a long time.
What was it? secret...