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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daison Japan in Dataran Pahlawan

If you think this is just another ordinary RM5 or RM2 shop,

think again!
Daiso is the largest franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan. Daiso sets itself apart from other 100 yen shops by choosing not to sell closeout or factory second merchandise. Instead ,they keep prices low by purchasing directly from manufacturers in very high volume. Wanna know more about Daiso? Click here.

This is the first time I heard about Daiso. It sounds like "大傻"in Cantonese i.e. "si bodoh besar" or "big stupid fella". The first impression on something is not affirmative.
The Daiso shop that I first visit is my live is in Dataran Pahlawan.

It is like... how to say... ENORMOUssss!!!

Basically, it has everything you need

ranging from cosmetics,

Health and beauty,


Washing /cleaning, and...

Living??? 0.o" I wondere what it REALLY means....

Wah..... this kind of cute letter pad had extinct!

All these are so oriental...

The girls pick up some accessories....


I even found something that I have looking for, for a long time.
What was it? secret...

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