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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Penang Diary 4: Queensbay Mall

I have came to Kulim for my internship about 2 months already. Within this period, I have traveled to Penang quite often. May it be driving alone, hanging out with friends, or taking company shutter for a work related trip.
Despite much travelling, I have no chance to went into this enormous mall although I will pass by the mall every time I visit Penang.
Queensbay Mall
This reminds me a lot of Jusco Bandaraya Melaka, but of course Queensbay Mall is much larger

Queensbay Mall Neway
The mall consist of Karaoke box (Neway)

Queensbay Mall GSC
Cinema (GSC)

Queensbay Mall
Arcade center

Queensbay Mall
Roller skate center

Queensbay Mall
and all kinds of restaurant, compiling the world finest delicacy and more.

Queensbay Mall toilet
Even their toilet are out of the box! Half opened aired~ LOL

It's so huge that i don't have time to scan through all the shops I was interested like Nichii, my fav fashion brand and the food court at the basement.

Paddington house of pancake-menu 
But I did spend some time on a unique dinner experience in Paddington House of Pancakes(PHOP). Read my previous review here.

This mall is kindda perfect for me. If I really need to point out some shortcoming, it would be the "overwhelmingly" expensive in-door parking fees. The rate is almost as expensive as K.L already =.=

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 7: Seven Wells(Telaga Tujuh) Jungle Trails and waterfalls.

This will be my last post in My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary.
Langkawi Island map
Langkawi Island map in front of  water world.

Other than beaches (bitches) and sun shine, the next thing you wouldn't wanna miss is the historical, legendary story of Lanagkawi. I wouldn't tell the romance/eerie/boring stories here. If you don't already know, you can check out Mahsuri at wikipedia.

NOPE, This blog post isn't about Mahsuri, it's legend, historical monument, thomb etc. Although I would really interested and want to visit it, I will have to wait till the next time I ferry again~ 

What I am introducing here is something less famous, but much fun!

View Larger Map

It's call Seven Wells in English and Telaag Tujuh in bahasa.
7 Wells Jungle trails
7 Wells map near the waterfalls.

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
You can read yourself, right? LOL I don't think I need any caption here. But if I do state caption, I don't have to type so long adi -___-

7 Wells Jungle trails
The path to waterfall is really tranquile,

7 Wells Jungle trails
Lots of greens for fresh airs.

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
Before you notice,  you are on the waterfall adi!

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
This is the 1st layer, or how should I say it? The waterfall that is nearest to the sea level?

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
It might look nice, but usually ppl go to higer level or the cleaner water.

7 Wells Jungle trails's water fall
The is the 2nd layer of the waterfall, it looks less attractive but the serene isn't something I can quite describe with photo. I took lots of photo on top, but due to privacy issue, I can't expose those my colleague's photo in here.

So, these are my stories in Langkawi, what's yours?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 6: Langgura Baron Resort (review)

Like I mention in my previous post My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 3: Aseania Resort (Overview) and My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 4: Aseania Resort (Facilities and scenery) , I stayed in Aseania resort on my 1st night. 
On 2nd night, my colleagues decided to choose a cheaper resort, RM130 per night for quad-sharing room, so we all moved to here:
Langgura Baron Resort
Langgura Baron Resort.

Located at a stone throw distance from Pantai Cenang, the famous and most visited beach in Langakwi, it has the typical Malay house structure from the outside with a western twist of details

Langgura Baron Resort
The area was very well maintain although it is just beside the beach. When wind blows, sands are every where.

Langgura Baron Resort
But from my observation, it is very clean and neat, even at the alley.

In the room, 1st thing like usual, the toilet facility:
Langgura Baron Resort
They have bath tubs here (Aseania don't have bath tub but shower only). These complimentary toiletries aren't special printed for Langgura. Boron consist of 12 hotel/motel/inn/resort to date. I think it must be a chain company, so nothing special about having their print on these toiletries.
I suppose to take some photos on the room too. However, when I finish taking pic in the toilet, the girl already messed up the room.
so... nevermindlah, but I can guarantee the ambience is much better than Aseania.
But I personally, prefer Aseania over Langgura coz Aseania is money wise with it's facilities.

Langkawi Islang night market
This is the nigh market along Pantai Cenang. I don't see much interesting stall there except hyper cheap beer and liquor ^_^

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Penang Dairy 3: Bon Odori Festival 2011, Part 1

My 1st Bon Odori experience was a blast! Be fore I describe/blog more about it, let me share 2 video capture by my HD camera ^_^
Dancing performance
More dancing are Japanese songs but there is this 1 Malay song too!

Bon Odori fireworks are legendary! This time, I see it with my own eyes. Really stunning~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 5: Pantai Tengah

Langkawi is an Island. How silly it is if you visited and island but do not visit it's beach or at least it's sea side?
Located walking distance from Aseania resort, the accommodation I overnight on the 1st night in Langakawi Island.

Pantai tengah
I wouldn't say Pantai Tengah is the best beach in Langkawi but it is comparably quite, just perfect for couple that need more privacy.

Pantai tengah
Clean sandy beach, comparably cleaner sea water among the west coast island, clear sky, broad view...

Pantai tengah
*Tell me, is it normal that waves has that much of bubbles? Or it's just soap water? -__-*
When the waves come, wooosh~
Pantai tengah
Your feet will dip into the sand.
*paranoid* RUN~ QUICK SAND~ WTF

There is a very famous and clean beach near by, name Pantai Cenang. There are a lot of resort/ int along Pantai Cenang. Thus, Pantai Cenang are lot more happening than Pantai Tengah. Many water sports can be fond in Pantai Cenang. More ppl are in Pantai Canang(noisier), most probably because the beach is smoother in texture with smaller granuel of sand.
Pantai tengah
Sandy beach in Pantai Tengah. The rough texture on the beach compare to Pantai Cenang might cuase by the excessive salt crystal in the sand.
(P/S: I blur my finger due to security reason, not because of my camera, my Lumix is awesome ^ ^)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Intel Sponsor of Tomorrow Employee Expo

Last week, I was very honor, or I would prefer to say lucky to attend Intel Sponsor of Tomorrow Employee Expo in their Kulim(Malaysia) site. Maybe you would think an expo is nothing, but this expo is so exclusive that it is open to Intel's employees and immediate family members only. Need not to guess, I am 1 of them ^ ^
Upon entering the expo, a recycle bag is awarded as a door gift.
(was so keen to buy a cute shopping bay the other day when I went to  Queensbay Mall but were discouraged by their price. Now I can get 1 for free ^ ^)

For most ppl impression, attending a microprocessor's company expo is just as boring as looking at those waffles wafer. Sorry, it's not the desert waffle but electronic wafer
Intel 2nd generation core i5 wafer before cutting into individual chip.

Intel Xeon wafer

Intel Atom wafer
Yadda yadda... *yawn*
boring right?

However, for this expo, it's not the case. Not only Intel display their technology, they also show the world how their technology benefit the world when integrates into various devices.

One of the start in this expo is Neo, the dancing robot. Although it is not AI(artificial intelligent), but it can still react to certain per-programmed and give responses.
It doesn't impress me but the kids do love it ^ ^

Gaming has been a larger part of our life more than any time in human history. With Intel 2nd generation i7 processor, you can now play HD game with no lag.

Guitar hero!!! You can play guitar now even you know nothing about music.

This technology is not new but it impress me the most. With 2nd generation i processor, Bluetooth and a dock, now you can turn your tv (any tv) to your monitor.Real time with no lag. Special TV like Google Tv and iTV are so expensive. With some simple settup and a dock, which probably cost less than RM500, you can enjoy your PC experience on your flat screen LCD TV!
Thank to the staff who continually posing for me XP

It may not look impressive, but this TV is RM27k.
Why it is so expensive?You wouldn't say it after I tell you that it offer 3D visual effect without a need for user to wear 3D glasses.
The technology is call autostrereoscopy. I was told by the staff that it was 1st develop by Hitachi and later sell it to various company. It has various layer of glasses in the box to display different layer of images. I am not really into it, but it might be the trend of future 3D visual entertainment experience.

Need not to say, Intel are famous for it processor chips in PC. Now, it has spread to Window tablets,

and netbook. Thanks to the invention of Intel Atom processor, former energy consumption shortcoming had solve, bringing a whole new energy saving era to mobile computers.

This guy and the computer beside him might not seems a big deal for you but it just got me MIND BLOW!

The screen is diaplaying the 80 processor in that server. Yes, it's not just daily pc, it's serve. The performance is amasing even the server is rendering some animation superfast while playing a video. It's fantastic! It you are in the 3D or animation idustry, you will know what I mean. Rendering is 1 of the process that sucks off most of your processing power. You can't do any other thing while doing rendering no to mention it is super slow.

5 Intel Xeon processor fabricated into it = 90 processors.

Back to the boring topic.
If you are a Electronic Engineering student, you might be interested in the sand to circuit process on how Intel makes it chips.
Note: This is not your ordinary french fries, potato chip or chocolate chip, it's the IC(integrated circuit, not your identification card -___-)

For a Electronic Engineering student like me, I am pretty much interested on their step-by-step explanation,  both words Photobucket
and illustrations.
Just 1 thing, I have learn all the fundamental procedure during my class,ok? -___-

But, how well the muggle novice with gain interest upon looking it? They might just went in front the polished wafer and camewore LOL
Trust me, this is not your ordinary mirror, it is 100 times more expensive than your mercury mirror ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 4: Aseania Resort (Facilities and scenery)

After doing a review of Aseania on my previous blog post, My Langkawi Island(Kedah,Malaysia) Diary 3: Aseania Resort (Overview), there are actually more. Compare to most resort, yes, Aseania is slightly expensive, but it has it's value.
Aseania resort
Sand pit for beach volley ball.

Aseania resort
Little red bridge on the swimming pool
The swimming pool is really damn huge. And long some more... and and.... I didn't have chance to jump in -___-. Coz the girls are afraid of water, so I just accompany them to walk around the area after check in.

Aseania resort
There are 2 water slides which I never have chance to try out *>.<*
*ignore my not-so-charming facial expression T.T*

Aseania resort
My mate

Aseania resort
Beside the pool

Aseania resort

Aseania resort
Man-made waterfall

Aseania resort
As see from inside the rock path

Aseania resort
Nice place for photo shooting huh? Don't you hope your model is on bikini? Xp

Aseania resort
Other than swimming pool (which are still water), there is another part of the pool that has man-made waves
Aseania resort
and also circular water flow.

I only see these kind of facilities in water park/theme park. Never in my life (yet) see all these facilities in a resort, so *thumbs up!*

Other than all these facilities (and more), it's undeniable that Aseania is really a great place to chill and relax
Aseania resort

and have your own privacy for the couples *wink wink*
Aseania resort