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Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Wanting an iPhone is not a joke ok? I did do some research on that.

People want iPhone as a part of entertainment. Not for me, the apps will really help in lighten up my work. Maybe as a industrial disease, I( engineering student) tends to want everything in details, including groceries and meals. When, I am shopping, I count every prices per kg or Little of different packing size, so that I can spend the least to get the most.

When I am out with friends for meals, calculating price of each person's portion is necessity since we are not rich to treat each other. So, a calculator in my hand bag wherever I go always come in handy.

casio fx-570ES scientific calculator
My Casio fx-570Es scientific calculator

The calculator that I'm using is not just any calculator. It's a natural display calculator.
The only issue I have with my calculator is that of it's weight and thickness.
If I can have an iPhone 4, life will be easier.

pi cube lite
This pi cube Lite iPhone apps is a very strong calculation apps. It doesn't only fit's my leisure life, it can also be use as a scientific calculator for me to do my study and homework.
Well, I just love this equation:
Engineering = Maths = Calculator =Pi Cube Lite =iPhone 4 !!!

Here is a video on overview of Pi Cubed for iPhone / iPod touch (version 1.11)

I don't know whats the difference between Pi Cube and Pi Cube Lite.
I guess Pi Cube Lite is just the free version of Pi Cube which has less function just like Microsoft Visual C++ express and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Other than Calculator, I also have habits to bring my dairy (or more like a daily and monthly planner) and to do list paper wherever I go.
You see, these very light and small things will be a considerable weight and space in my handbag if it has a considerable amount.

However, that's not all,
I can't even read what I wrotePhotobucket



All the scatted writing will not emerge a notification effect, So I did another to-do list beside my table:
my todo list

my study +work+play table
So, whenever I study, work or play, the to do list stares at me = =Photobucket
Sigh... not efficient at all!!!
If I have a iPhone, things go different:
Todo Lite
Introducing Todo Lite
No more diary or to do list scatted every where!

You know, iPhone is a smart phone. It needs to have a considerable smart plan to perform as smart phone. With Digi
's iDiGi Postpaid Plans, I can have unlimited excess.

What does that means?!

Boil phone porridge!!! (褒电话粥)
i.e nonstop calls.

I can use Skype to call and message instead of using my sim card.
That can really save heaps of cash.
Skype for Iphone
With this feature, I can talk to my dear dear all day long!

karmen rider dear dear

With high rates from the public, these 3 apps would definitely turn into my favorite apps once I get an iPhone 4.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How to create a magnetic lock: Phase III: Winding the bobbin, not the core.

In the previous post. I mention how to make a 1 time use bobbin. Now I am going to do windings in the bobbin, insulate it and put it into the E core.

Remember that bobbin I made?
1 time bobbin
It has no holes, we(suppose to me my group mate and I but the uncle helped) have to drill 1 hole in the middle, so that we can attach it to the winding device.

drill hole in bobbin before winding
Drill the bobbin using electrical driller.

add plastic to bobbin to cover non smooth area.
PhotobucketIt's very embarrassed that I didn't make the bobbin smooth enough, so I have to add a layer of plastic. If it happens to doing the same project, stupidly follow my previous instruction on doing the 1 time bobbin, you probably need to cover up the non-smooth surface like I did.

clamp winding mechine
To avoid unwanted movement the device has to be stabilize.

I was dizzy busy learning from uncle Teng (below) that I forgot to capture some steps.
Uncle Teng, the wireman and Engineer to be that taugh us how to do winding
We poke holes in each edge(the model board is soft enough to be poke by needles, advantage of using model board) then have the needles to through it. 4 thread is now hanging on each edge.(I beg you can't understandPhotobucket, should have remember to take pictures). The intention is to tie the copper wires together tightly before taking the copper wire out from bobbin, so that It can remain in 1 piece plus remain the shape just like in the bobbin.

The winding device counts how much winding is currently hold. In this magnetic lock project, more winding is better, but the number of windings does not change the magnetic field of the core. The magnetic field is inversely proportional to the core's/winding's length. Will explain more on the calculation phase.

Then, the copper wire is insulated by tapes. Do not tape the threads in. Remove the thread on each section before rolling it with insulator aka tapes. After insulating the whole windings, and removing the threads, put the copper winding into the E core.

magnetic lock core and windings
You may test your magnetic core now.
I supply 6 V of DC, as to remain 0.5A of current in the circuit.(If you supply more current rating than the copper wire can take up, it will over heat may explode burn)
I will show and explain more on the calculation in next few post.

Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me!!!!!

Remember I said my phone pass away and revived the other day?
Well, my SE G900 has follow me for more than 1 year.

Maybe I just not very good in taking care of her. She got scratches and wounds all over her lovely red body
My SE G900

My SE G900

My SE G900
I didn't dump her for all this reasons.

I was pissed by her attitude.
She become slower and slower everyday.
This lil old lady gets lag when I open a few application at the same time, not to mention the worst nightmare.

Restart phone!!!

Restart my SE G900 took long time.

However, I still keep her though she always put on a show of bad temper,coz
My SE G900 using Digi sim card
Notice what I wanna tell?

Not the Red table cloth lah!Photobucket

It's the yellow Sim card.

My SE G900
Thats right! Digi, always the Smartest Choice!
Digi Logo
I didn't change any phone yet because I am attach to the Digi D'campus plan.
All other smart phone have to subscribe to data plan, else not internet=no smart phone :/
I even did a blog post about the D'campus plan because I was so in love with it that time.

I help Digi promote D campus
Don't worry neither Digi nor Nuffnang bribe me to do so.

It's funny that a red devil like me didn't took up the hotlink red plan but choose the yellow man instead.
Digi is one and only Telco service provider since I own my first phone.
I did wanted to change to a BB when my SE G900 passed away and before revived.
However, the data plan pulls me back.

Now, instead of paying a huge amount for a new phone, I can have a new iPhone 4 with lower rate of post paid plan! Isn't that great?!
Idigi rate
It's like having a cheaper data plan plus after purchasing a brand new phone

OMG!!! Isn't that cool?

iPhone 4!!!

Ihone 4

Muacks!!! I lover Digi 4evar!!!!!!!!!

Courtesy to Nuffnang and Digi, one lucky winner will get this iPhone 4!!!
Me, YY wants an Iphone 4


How to create a magnetic lock: Phase III: E core's Bobbin

41mm E core
Remember the E core I shown you on previous post?

According to the Uncle that teach me to do winding, we can't do the winding in the core. We must first make a bobbin, do the winding in the bobbin, then only take out the winding and put it into the core.
Note that, bobbin are usually made by plastics or woods. The model that I show here is not the common way of making a bobbin. This is a self impress creative babe's idea to do a one time bobbin. If it happens to be very useful, don't forget to let me know.

bobbin measurement for 41mm E core
First design the measurement that we wanted. Some place must the slightly longer and some place must be slightly smaller so that the winding can still fit in the core after the winding is coated with insulated.

I use Model board to do it. Sort of recycle item.
measure and cut

Then, use white glue to attach them together.
glue it with white glue

I compress the glued model board so as to minimize the space/length take up by glue when it stack up.
compreses the model board

This is how to bobbin looks like. I did 4 sets, but I only manage to finish 1 winding. Will take about that later on the next post.
1 time bobbin

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to create a magnetic lock: Phase II: Buy materials

After going to a few wrong turn, I finally make my mind to burn cores instead of trying to get free core from junk which is impossible which also testify the idioms: No free lunch.
So, I go to this transformer which was told by the uncle in few previous post.
Multicare Transformer Resource
This is the only transformer shop that I can find in Jalan Pasar, KL.
No1, Jalan Beruang,
Off Jalan Pasar,
Pudu, 55100,
Kuala Lumpur

(in case you don't know, Jalan Pasar in so call the electronic 1 stop center in KL)

41mm E core
This is it, this is the E core I kept mentioning in my MSN.
The core's shape looks just like an capital letter E.

9 sets of 41mm E core
I bought 9 sets of them. RM35 per set of 1.31cm.
Should have get 11.7cm, but they gave we 14cm.
Well, the more the better (thought I am not gonna use so much anyway).

Other than core, I will also need some copper wires. The Insulated one, but not those for house wiring.
copper wires
Got confuse but all the numbers and measurement, so just simply pick one.
As long as not so thick and not so thin (later I found that it's a very wrong decision to simply pick the diameter)

Bought 1 kg or them.
I also can't imagine how much I need so I just bought the smallest portion possible.
(Later on I regret, coz I think I just use less than 2 % of the whole role)
I got some left out after the project, wanna sell it to other group that doing different title.
Took a picture of the wires. They taught the bobbin is as small as a thread.
Let me show you the really size
compare 1 kg copper wire heigh with cup and tisues

comparing 1kg copper wire's bobbin with cup
Are you gonna call him tiny again?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to create a magnetic lock: Phase I : Try and error

After getting advice from my junior's father, where he advice me to get the E core from some old unwanted transformers.
old tranformer
This is the one I get from the junk store opposite to my house.

variety of old transfoemers
And get some others from my dad and brother's friends.

After trying to dissect them, this is the result:
Mess after trying to dissect a transformer
creats a mess and get nothing.

Then, I ask my dad to help. After a few knocking, he gave up and said:
"How could this possibly be open?! It's glue together. "

Leaving me with my confuse face.

What the ~~~~
Shouldn't you make a mess and trash at least 1/2 of what I created before giving up?
Oh God. I can't think of anything worst than this.
That leaves me no choice but to buy a set of brand new core.
P/S: If you are doing what I'm doing, you can definitely skip this phase.