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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Facilitator's preparation for MHS 2010/2011

Didja know that we facilitator not only work on the MHS, but we already start our work before MHS. As the post earlier, facilitators have to attend a camp i.e TOT (training of trainees) and did some pre-MHS preparations.

First all all, all facilitators have their vest.
We don't make it or own it. We borrow if from HEPA i.e. Student Affair and Alumni Office.

Other than vest, it's our name tag

Distribution of name tag

and the name tag string.

Tuan Haji's table is full of strings. Banji tali.

"Satu, dua, tiga, empat..... bila nak habis ni? Shit! sudah lupa sampai mana tadi~~~"

Other than that, all groups are busy meeting with their members to plan everything that they could control, so that new student will have less problem and feel more like at home.

Don't think we facilitators know everything. We are human (students too). Actually we are not as knowledgeable as you all (new student) see, we just burn the midnight oil. XP

The whole process is very tiring
(note: Wan xi was sick on the preparation. Not that she's lazy, but the fever rally pulled her down. Now you see how we faci sacrifice for you. Ceh wah~~~)

however, there is always time for play.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

TOT for UTeM MHS 2010/2011 (part 2: video)

Ucapan Tuan Haji

Banana Dance: This is how it gets back to you when you try to punish/ make fool of ppl.

His Fantasy on Soap.

Group presentation (1)

Group presentation (2)

Group presentation (3)

Very sorry that I didn 't record all groups. These 3 video are the one I have. All are non edited version.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FO(our)L Car accident version: Double accident double the phobia.

You will not believe how bad luck we were lately. If I tell you I was so bad luck that I caught in an accident last week and almost went into an accident this week.
Last week:
I crashed other ppl's car
The car I bumped in.

Actually, its not totally my fault ok? He park it at the corner where it is not suppose to park there. Some more not parking space.
So, I end up paying him RM230.

Impact of the accident
"Sisi" ( My car's name) got a tiny scratch on her bumper.

Impact of the accident
It is as tiny as a mole but a flaw is a flaw. She must have hated me T.T

Earlier in this week, Monday to be precise, when I am in Ayer Keroh, on my way back from class, a WIRA suddenly appeared from right. I was on the right most lane. I though he's gonna turn in and go, so I just release the oil, but didn't press brake. Mana tau the clever driver stop his car half way. The motor behind him have to stop also. When I realize they stop, I quickly press my brake and Sisi cream out loud. Luckily Sisi manage to stop on time. Else I think I could have knock down the motor drive and blogging in my cell now. After that, the stupid WIRA driver turn into left most lane like nothing happen. When I drove again and felt less panic, I saw that stupid WIRA driver turn left into Seri Negeri. Oh yeah~~~ thats why he stop on the right most lane, so that he could wait his turn to turn left.

Bodoh lazy drive!!! You don't know what is U-turn kah? You are risking your life for a short cut!

All the bad luck still didn't went away. This noon, after my class, as usual I went to parking lot to retrieve my car, I saw another scratch, on Sisi's ear (side mirror).

Unknown ppl scratched my car.

You will definetely say: Ehle... small matter only whar. But how if I let you see this:

Jloi's car terbalik

Jloi's car crashed

Hahaha.... this is definitely not my car nor my work. It's Jloi's car.
FH(his)L and FOL. lol...

Monday, July 12, 2010

TOT (Training Of Trainers) for UTeM MHS 2010/2011 (part 1: photos)

After a long and "tiring" holiday in KL, I went back to Melaka again on 27th June and register myself to the TOT (training of trainners) camp in Tanjung Bidara. I went there once, when I was in the Kem Persediaan Calon MPP UTeM 2010. However, this time we were not place in a resort, but a place with dome facilities beside the Planetarium (Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi)

The view is stunning, not to mention great facilities the Complex offerPhotobucket

I share my room with Wong (紫绚)
The room has 2 comfortable bed, 2 set of writing tables with chairs, 2 wardrobe and a basket (dustbin I suppose).

One of the most interesting program in the camp: Talk by Ras Adiba Radzi with Title, effective communication.

I was so over excited!!!

Tell you a secret: She is really pretty and funny. After seeing her, I feel like I want her boobs~~~Photobucket

Hey you see, not only me but everybody is excited about her.

Not very hard to find me, right?

BUT, that is not the best thing yet. The most memorable moment in the camp was 1 game called Paipku bocor (My pipe leaks!)

There are many rules, I try to name those which I remember:

1. The are few pipes which is different in length. You are required to join all of the pipes using its joins.
2. The pipes should be build vertically but not horizontally.
3. 10 ping pong balls should be fill into the pipes before any water is fill. (The are no any water in that area accept sea~~~)

However, things are not as easy as you see. The pipes were poked so holes are everywhere.
Everyone's hand on pipe!

The game was really fun. It has no pressure yet learns a lot. We keep screamingPhotobucket:
Apa yang penting? Kerjasama!
Apa yang penting? Kerjasama!!!

Inspired by Wonder Pets

My lads.
Don't plei plei with us you know.
You get lumba one!
Not leng lui show off time.
But I think you can see their similarities.
They are wet.

PhotobucketWOI!!! you think too much adi lah!!!

Although it is very tiring

but our facilitators are very serius on our trainning.
The late comers will be punish.

So that we can really be serious and absorb their inputs especially unity and cooperation.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

You know what, Vampires Sucks!

Wow... LMAO! I am definetly ganna watch it!!!!