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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jaya One #markets15 #huntcollfair

P1010015 copy
Just a month ago, Jaya One has their 15th Bazaar/market take place in The School.  Like most of the previous markets , the vendors include artisanal food stall, fashion, one-offs, pre-loved etc. I found out so much about out local online shops in this bazaar. It blew my mind from a very different perspective.

Watch the Youtube video for the market walk though

I know you're lazy to watch the whole video, don't worry, I will give you a summary here.

You can find all sorts of fashion,
P1010007 copy

P1010004 copy

P1010001 copy
Either new

P1010010 copy

or pre-loved
P1010017 copy

and of course, cutesy artisanal food
P1010012 copy

These are some of them item I got during the markets.
DSC_0119 copy
bracelet from

DSC_0105 copy
Passport holder from

DSC_0104 copy2
Necklace from

DSC_0094 copy

DSC_0081 copy
and encouragement quote from

P1010029 copy
Metalic Tattoo

 photo 3_zps3qtign5r.gif
top from, skirt from

I really like this dress. It has a very unique design, pairs very well with skirts or jeans. However, it's too revealing for me to show my underboobs. If you want to see my underboobs original photo w/o censored, watch the video and find that 1 frame that has not censored.

tshirt copy
top from, bracelet from
The quality of the shirt is quite thick, and you can custom design the shirt's print. I don't know what is the material but the print is convex, not some simple paint that easily comes off after a few wash.

top from *excluding cardigan and belt
Another super revealing cloth. Need to cover side boob with cardigan *shys away*

top from

P4180067 copy
Vintage Yukata from

Why is there a Yukata here? I never wear a Yukata and don't know how to year one. Any help from here? guys? I mean girls?

P4180104 copy
If you wonder why I keep holding my phone while in the shoot, that is because I am a single independent women that no one help me to do photoshoot T_T I was using Olympus software called Ol.share, pairing with Olympus EM 1. Selfie profession style ;)

If you don't want to missed out the markets next time, be sure you keep an eye on and Like/Follow their Facebook


  1. Hi Yin Ying,
    Thank you so much for your post and feature. :) It looks like the items fit you decently well. :)
    For the white romper, it's recommended that you pair up a crop top inside with it so it won't be as revealing. But you really do look good in the lace peplum top. :) Do tag me on Instagram (@peepboutique, #peepboutique) whenever you wear any of our items. Would love to see how you style them up. :)
    I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you or at least say Hi when you were at Markets, if you plan to come to another Markets event, do drop by and say Hi! :)

    Thank you again for the post & do have a lovely weekend!
    Wei Ni.