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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Delifrance Malaysia Christmas Menu [Food Reivew]

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Been reading so many movie Easter egg, that I thought I am still in April padahal it's almost Christmas. Christmas might have very difference meaning for you, but for me, Christmas == holiday == colorful deco == Christmas cookies == time to get fat. [pardon me for my logical equation statement, I am a programmer]

This year, I was invited to try out Delifrance Christmas menu. Let the colorful gourmet journey begins!
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Cupcakes (RM 5 for 1 pcs, RM25 for 6 pcs)
Moist cupcakes topped with cream cheese. Flavour choice of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
I like the cream cheese topping. So smooth, creamy and fluffy at the same time.

DSC_0013 copy
Dark Chocolate Almond Rocher (RM 15.90)
Perfectly roasted almond strips coated in delicious dark chocolate.
This is highly recommended, my favorite dessert of the night. Almond is very crispy and breakable, just like rice crackers but more solid and dense in flavor.

DSC_0023 copy
Santa Play Land Gift Cake (RM 48.90)
Celebrate Christmas with Delifrance's red velvet cake with sour cream cheese topping.
Baked in angel cake pan, top with sour cream (the promotion leaflet say it's sour cream cheese though) and decorated with snow man and pine tree, what else can be more festive than this? If you have the velvet cake by it's own, it will be like meh... it's moist, it's ok, but not great; but if you put some courage out and have the sour cream with it ( I know right, not everyone like sour cream or just sour stuff in general), it will be the most amazing velvet cake you have in a while. The sour taste compliment and balance the sweetness of the red velvet chocolate very well but doesn't cover the natural bitterness and fragrance of the cocoa.  

DSC_0025 copy
Rocky Land Gift Cake (RM 35.00)
Belgian chocolate cake topped with ganache. A perfect Christmas indulgent.
My favorite of the night, this is a must try. The semi-melty chocolate chunks in the cake is sooo enjoyable. Every bite is like a chocolate bar punch you though your tongue down to your throat and end with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. That's so lovely. 

PB270461 copy
Salted Caramel Tea Cake with Walnut (RM 16.90)
Delicious moist and soft tea cake, perfect as a gift or an afternoon snack.

Double Chocolate Tea Cake (RM 16.90)
Delicious moist and soft tea cake, perfectas a gift or an afternoon snack.
PB270456 copy
Other than the 2 highlighted cake above, Delifrance have a cheaper version of more mediocre tea cake which is like the size of a pound cake. Compared to the other 2 above, it's less attractive but your purse will thank you later.

Enough for the diabetic sweet treat that was worth dying for (well, at least for me, I can be sinking in the sour cream cheese and get suffocate by the rocky land cake and die with no regrets), let's go to the hot meal section.

DSC_0034 copy
Provencal Lamb Stew (RM 34.90)
Lamb shoulder grilled to your satisfaction, drenched in brown sauce side with salad.
Lamb is not my favourite poultry. It's a bit firm and chewy but the sauce is decent. I only have a single spoon full, what do I know? 

DSC_0044 copy2
Poached Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce (RM 34.90)
Poached Salmon fillet garnished with dill sauce, placed over mashed potatoes with side salad.
I do not know whether this is their normal serving but does Salmon really cost that much? I can buy raw Salmon (Norwegian Salmon, not some cheap fishy trout) twice the size with only half the price of this dish. Is it excellent, no; is it tasty, maybe, is it exotic, no; is it worth the price, hell no!

DSC_0056 copy2
Cheesy Turkey Ham (RM 15.90)
Spaghetti tossed in cheese sauce, topped with strips of roasted turkey ham.

Lasagna (RM 17.90) (photo not available)
Lasagna layers filled with tender minced beef/chicken in a light tangy sauce topped with melted cheese.
I tried the beef one, it's a bit too peppery to my liking but the creamy melty cheese and soft pasta is something keep me going for more.

In this festive season, Delifrance offers Christmas catering ranging fro RM 28 per pax to RM 78 per pax with a minimum of certain amount of head counts. The menu consist of starter soup , hot meal, Feuilettes, Viennoiseries, mini tarlets, and beverages.
If you need more info, you may contact 603 78425718, or their hotline after office hours 0122239806. If you are shy like me (blush) that only like to express yourself in written words, you may also email them

And if you are not fond of their Christmas menu you can always go back to their all time favourite
DSC_0045 copy

PB270446 copy

PB270458 copy
assorted pastries

PB270462 copy

In the end of the session, Delifrance gave us a chance to decorate our own ginger bread man. I know this sounds nonsense considering how food savvy I am (flip hair), but this truly is my first time decorating ginger bread man. I do not grow up in an Christian family, my family don't bake as much and Chinese old people generally don't like sweet western pastry, so I am really clueless how or what to decorate on my cookies.

PB270466 copy

PB270470 copy

PB270477 copy
The sifu demonstrating, see how long he can tarik the icing? Amazing~

PB270486 copy
At long last, me with my low resolution, highly pixilated, heavily photoshopped face and the cutie "Why Ginger Bread Man", coz you know, it's master name is YY (cough) yeah, bad pun, I know, no need to remind me every time.

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