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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Laser or not to Laser [Part 2] A Roller Coasters Ride

DSC_0870 copy
From I first started laser to now the ongoing treatment, it's like a roller coasters. There are days that seems bad and there are good face day too. This is my face before I has any laser session. My 1st trail session is available here: Laser or not to Laser [Part 1]

On my 2nd visit to Mediviron UOA clinic, the Dr. use both Co2 and tonning laser for my face.
IMAG4736 copy

IMAG4754 copy
The Co2 laser is same as the one I had trail session earlier on back on my ear and neck.

IMAG4766 copy
While the tonning laser on my whole face.

IMAG4770 copy
The result is just like basil seeds.

IMAG4780 copy
On the day I undergo treatment, scab forms.

IMAG4780 copy
IMAG4866 copy

IMAG4881 copy

IMAG4889 copy
With the help of hydrocortisone, after all the scab falls off, the result is fascinating.

IMAG5114 copy2

IMAG5116 copy
After my first treatment, the freckles are mostly lighten. There are still some spot that the Dr. miss (circle in red), so I go for a second visit.

On my 2nd visit, I consult Dr. on my reappearing spot. She ensure me it's fine and it can be remove is a few follow ups. The Dr. also prescribe a lightening cream to use twice a day.
20140415_115915 copy

20140415_131937 copy
The area undergo laser was swollen, but because my spot was lighter, so no significant basil seed effect like last time.

IMAG5182 copy
After the scab fall off, there are still some suborn spot remains.My skin become very sensitive and rashes follows me for weeks

IMAG5277 copy2
Those spot developed and grow higher than the skin surface and form a mole like substance :(

On my 4th visit, I voice out my concern on the mole like substance. The Dr. ensure me again it's a small problem because it's a new mole. The mole is cause by the Co2 laser. When the laser penetrate into the skin layer, it act like a pseudo traumatize agent to trigger self heal, and some time the pigment are also formed.

So she use the same laser for mole removal to extract these bits and a few more Co2 zap behind the ears to remove some reappear pigments.Then later, use a tonning laser for the remaining area of my face.

IMAG5301 copy
Unlike the last session, my face flashed red immediately and the are holes on the mole like area.

IMAG5300 copy

IMAG5473 copy
Until now, there are still some pigmentation remains on the back on my ear.

IMAG5476 copy
My face become very sensitive and remains red almost all of the time. I know the mole's scar are going to take some time to heal, but my pores on this area become so big appear to be black. This worries me. My pigmentation might be fairer a bit but it cause my skin to be more sensitive. With the Dr advise and judgement on the condition, I think my skin sensitivity was minimized during the whole treatment. My dermatologist has verified my skin to be dry and super sensitive, but with Dr's help I was able reduce my pigmentation and at the same time control my over sensitive skin. Although the pigmentation was not 100% remove at the moment, I still satisfy with the result, afterall not everyone's skin condition is the same. If you are interested in a laser treatment, do consult a profession aesthetic Dr. like the one I saw in Mediviron UOA clinic.
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