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Thursday, May 15, 2014

So Nice It's Rice! Sushi King Rice Burger

If I say Sushi King is the pioneer of Japanese food franchise in Malaysia, it's really not exaggerating. Since 1995, Sushi Kin Sdn. Bhd has introduce sushi on Kaiten (conveyor belt) through Sushi King. 10 years ago, if you feel like you want to have some Japanese food, the only place you will want to go is Sushi King. However, in recent year, Japanese franchise pops out like mushroom after the rain. Not many of these franchise survive for a couple of years but Sushi King manage to keep still standing in every major Malls. Although Sushi King is not my only choice anymore, I do appreciate their effort to always break thought. There was a major hit of Rice burger in a Japanese burger franchise in our neighbor country. I have tried it twice in Thailand and I was not impressed AT ALL. To put it in another word, I hate it. When Sushi King approach me on their rice burger, I frowned a little. I always give everything/one a second chance (that's why I tried the famous, hyped rice burger in difference branch, twice to prove that these burger has a reason to get it's hype), so I know I shouldn't say no to them w/o actually trying their rice burger just because I had bad experience with other rice burgers.

Sushi King's ideology of " A healthy Way to Satisfy Your Cravings" even listed the Calories of their burgers on each serving. Though I have to say their display picture are REALLY for illustration purpose only. The real food doesn't come too near to what was photographed.

Chicken Katsu Rice Burger (473 Kcal)

Chicken Katsu takes a twist, being served in a rice burger. Enjoy the crunch from the deep fried breaded chicken fillet with a hint of spice, topped with lettuce and mayonnaise to seal the note. The Chicken Katsu Rice Burger is also a regular item in the menu, priced at RM6 per serving.

From the look, I was expecting some tonkatsu like texture. Indeed, but just on the outside. It really isn't pork, so can't expect to be firm like pork. The mixture of mayo is quite a popular combination, but when it matches with rice, it's not something  I am used to. 

Yakiniku Rice Burger (303 Kcal)

If you’re a fan of beef, the Yakiniku rice burger is a definite must try! This rice burger is made with succulent pan fried beef, accompanied by fresh lettuce and mayonnaise to perfect the taste. The Yakiniku Rice Burger is an ongoing feature in the menu, priced at RM7 per serving.

I was very delighted when I saw the display picture, but when I get the real burger, I was like meh.....that's not the same burger :( why it has become so flat? Although I am not impressed but the look, I do want to compliment it's beef's quality. It's texture is still juicythought it was pan fried. The sauce has lifted the flavor quite a bit and I have to repeat I am really impressed (except for it's look of course), just hope that there are more beef on it.... but heck RM 7 for a beef burger? Where else can you find?

Salmon Wasabi Rice Burger (387 Kcal)

The all-time favourite fish is definitely salmon. Get the extra kick with the Salmon Wasabi Rice Burger which is filled with juicy flame-grilled salmon belly, topped with wasabi and spicy sauce. The Salmon Wasabi Rice Burger is a seasonal item, priced at RM9 per serving.

When it was announce, RM 9 for a Salmon burger, I was skeptical. When I see that it's just barely 2-3 thin slice of sashimi Salmon, then I believed it's true. If you are a wasabi lover, you MUST try this.

The fresh crunchy wasabi stem, how many of you have tried the real wasabi stem, not the paste? If you are not aware, the crunchy stem camouflage itself on the first bite. When I was mid of enjoying some crunchy vegie then the heat sensation started to kicks-in, in a fraction of a second, I want to flush away those "vegie". The experience is so Syok that I keep stuffing myself with the burger and drinking tea in between.

Saba Teriyaki Rice Burger (492Kcal)

Saba lovers, meet the the mouth watering Saba Teriyaki Rice Burger! Sweet, juicy and grilled to perfection, savour the delightul blend of mackerel with teriyaki sauce on delicious rice patties, accompanied with lettuce and teriyaki sauce. Every bite will definitely make you ask for more. The Saba Teriyaki Rice Burger is a seasonal item, priced at RM10 per serving.

Although the real saba filling is not as big as show in the picture, but it's still very thick. The only regret is the saba is very dry, luckily it's was patch up by the glaze.

Salmon Rice Burger (322Kcal)

For those who prefer cooked salmon, the Salmon Rice Burger is definitely made for you. Made with a succulent piece of salmon steak, accompanied with fresh lettuce and a tinge of spicy item, priced at RM8 per serving.

Salmon is within expectation, No complain.

If you think a small burger will not be enough for a meal, you can upgrade it to a rice burger set consist of Pumpkin Tempura and miso soup with an additional RM6.

The pumpkin tempura and miso soup are also available for a’la carte order at RM5 and RM3 respectively.

Miso soup is as good as always. The pumpkin tempura is a bit unusual. It's cut up like usual potato fries diped into tempura batter and fired till golden. It's good on this own, but being the anal one, I was a bit upset that I didn't have tempura soup and grated radish for my tempura. After I asked them about it, they gladly provide it FOC. They explain that they don't server the tempura dipping sauce because it was prepared to be eat it on it's own like fries. And yes, if you want, you can request too for free.

From now on to the end of June 2014, visit Sushi King, have a rice burger on your own and take a selfie, post it on Instagram, tag #skriceburgerselfie , then you will stand a chance to win weekly prize of RM 50 voucher or better, grand prize of RM3 00 voucher. Come on, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearst Sushi King ann shout "WOW! SO nice it's rice!", but first, let me take a #selfie

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