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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Benefit Cosmetic, the September Baby Celebrating 1st Year Old with Me

What does benefit means to you? Advantage? Gain? Perk? Only recently, I found a new meaning to the world "BENEFIT". It's a cosmetic brand that happen to be a September baby as well!
P9287291 copy
If you don't already know, I am also a September baby, which gives me advantage to celebrate my birthday with Benefit together with my friends.

P9287295 copy
It was One Utama Benefit Cosmetic 1st anniversary on last September.

To celebrate, of course we have cakes,P9287308 copy
and chocolates, sweet stuffs </3
P9287367 copy
Usually, all these sweet indulgence will get all my attention, but not this time.

P9287327 copy
The beauty assistance demonstrate the new Gimme brow on Bendan. The fiber in the gel can stick to our facial hair pretty well and create longer, darker hair on places that we want. I don't think I need any clarification and you'll know Which side of Bendan's brow has use the gimme brow. It's so sharp and edgy, I kindda jealous of it though it's artificial.

P9287335 copy
As you know, I have no knowledge on make-up, not to mentioned eye brow trimming =(. Let's just put it this way, my brows are messy, untrimmed, inconsistency not the best feature on my face. Taking up the challenge, I let the Beauty assistance help me to clean my current brows makeup and let the pro do their job.

The result:
DSC_0113 copy2
Frankly, I never had more beautiful brow in my life, It's so neat but curvy at the same time. I love it so much.

P9287387 copy2
The only complain that I still have is that my brow hair is sill messing with the shape when look close.

SO, I took the opportunity to wax it off!
P9287351 copy
In Benefit Cosmetic, they don't only offer brows trimming or waxing, they do have many other service as well. This is current Benefit Cosmetic Service price list:

Brow waxing RM 42
Brow tweeze  RM 45

Facial Wax
Brow & lip (duo) RM 60
Chin & lip (duo) RM 50
Chin RM35
Lip RM 28
Full Face RM 65
Brow + lip + chin RM 78
Brow + lip + half arm RM 110

Body Wax
Brazilian RM 100
Bikini Line RM 55
Half Leg RM 65
Full Leg RM 110
Underarm RM 40
Half arm RM 55
Half back RM 45
Full back RM 65
Body trio (full arm, full leg, underarm RM 200

Make-up application (day) RM 80
Make-up application (night) RM 100
Make-up application (bridal) RM 150
Lash application (strip) RM 5
Lash application (individual) RM 10

You may choose to book a sloth or walk-in. There is very likely that the beauty assistance is serving someone if you didn't call-in first.They have 1 boutique (1 Utama at Highstreet) and 10 counter in Malaysia at the moment, which include Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavillion, Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Robinsons The Garden, Metrojaya Mid Valley, Colours & Fragrances KLIA, Sephora Starhill, Sephora KLCC, Sephora Paradigm Mall.

Thanks Benefit Cosmetic for the amazing experience, celebrating your birthday with us, together with our friends.
P9287357 copy

P9297409 copy
Thanks again for the birthday gift. I am really sorry I was so inconsiderate I didn't prepare any gift for you.

I know you little kepohchi will wanna know what's inside my birthday gift, so here is it:
P9297430 copy
Creaseless cream shadow

P9297434 copy
Longwear Power Shadow, 2 different brown

P9297417 copy
Gimme Brow

P9297418 copy
Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

P9297435 copy
Sugarbomb (li[gloss)

Although I am the total nerd that know nothing very little about cosmetic/beauty or makeup, I can't wait to try all there product.However, the problem is, I don't know how to describe or judge whether how good are they. I may draw a pie chart of my favorite bar or bar graph of my favorite pie, or or complicated stuff like Fourier transform, frequency transform, bode plot etc....but a cosmetic product...? I could use a lil help, maybe....

(HIMYM reference)

So, the easier way to show you, is to share my experience visually. Seeing is believing. Even a nerd like me can do make-up with Benefit Cosmetic product with very little effort, no screw up!

After trying it out, I also found out that a major YouTube guru, Bubz has getting the similar gift box like I did.
YTcopy copy
Oh my... how should I be compare to a YouTube star and get similar treatment 0.0. Really happy that I was introduce to Benefit Cosmetic for their amazing product and service. Thanks for the gift and can't wait to try out more! ^_^

Do checkout Benefit Cosmetic on their Facebook: and Instagram:


  1. Love the video you made (: Heheh! Nice meeting you again that day.