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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Perfect Pint of Heineken, Your Passport to Amsterdam

If you click in to read this, I can probably have a few assumptions towards you as below:
1. You drink beer.
2. You love beer
3. You care about your pint of beer!

*high five*

How much do you know about your pint of beer? During my younger days, I used to work in a restaurant. Occasionally, I was asked to pour some cold beer for the customers. No doubt, I can't do it very well. Luckily, most of them are willing to teach me how to do it. At first, I thought it was their personal preference, later I found that their instructions are pretty standard.
1. Rinse/chill the glass
2. Pour beer at a tilted angle
3. Skim
4. Serve.

Coutersy to GAB and Heineken I was invited to their Star Serve event to learn the most authentic way to pour a pint of prefect beer from Keith Nair, Heineken Draught Master & GAB Professional Solutions Manager.

A lil something about our "sifu"

•    One of three Heineken Draught Master in Malaysia
•    Work experience from across the South East Asian region
•    Outlets include TGI Fridays Malaysia, Laundry Bar, Apartment and Prince hotel
•    Co-founder of the Malaysian Bartenders Association
•    TGI Fridays Asia Pacific World Bartender Championship 2005 Taiwan 4th place
•    42 Below Cocktail World Cup 2006 New Zealand jet boat category winner
•    TGI Fridays Asia Pacific Middle East World Bartender Championship 2007 China 2nd runner-up
•    FHM 2005, 2007, and 2009 cocktail, mocktail, and dream team challenge gold medal
•    Has won several flair and cocktail competitions throughout Malaysia between 2005 - 2009
•    Have been involved in training bartenders/operators and brand development work in Singapore, Manila, Thailand, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Bali, Yangon, Malaysia and India
•    Other brand development work includes Monin, Sagatiba, Jose Cuervo, Nestle, Red Bull, Remy Cointreau, Skyy, Campari and Absinthe

As a qualify "student" of my sifu, I will now teach you, the knowledge from my sifu on how to pour the prefect pint of Heineken beer.

1. Rinse
Rinse and cool a clean glass. The purpose is apparent: a cool glass will keep the beer cool longer and a clean glass will keep the foam on the beer firm. If a room temperature glass is used, the beer will warm up during pouring and the foam will collapse quickly. Foam prevents the beer from going flat by keeping carbon dioxide in and keeping oxygen out.

2. Pour
Open the tap in one swift motion. If this is not done fast enough, the oxygen in beer will escape and a lot of foam will be created. This means the glass of beer cannnot be poured in one go. Opening the tap too slowly also changes the flavour of the beer, since the carbon dioxide has already come into contact with oxygen. Make sure that the nozzle of the tap does not touch the beer of foam during pouring. Otherwise, the beer will taste of and the foam will collapse fast. The glass should be filled in one go so a nice and even head of foam is formed. The bottom oxygen ring ensure the beer's freshness. When the glass is full of foam, the tap needs to be closed in one smooth motion again for the same reason as above, it is necessary to get a head of foam that is thick firm enough to protect the beer. The signature Heineken glass has a parabolic design of the side, if you till the parabolic to form a horizontal line, the glass is actually on a 45 degree. When beer is almost reaching the top, tilt the glass back to straight to straight. Move the stream nearer to the side if you need less foam; move the stream to the center if you need more foam.

3. Skim
It is essential to skim at the right pace in the exact right way, That is the only way to get a thick and firm head of foam with a good surface tension, on a nice and shiny head. So, take a wet skimmer and skim under a 45 degree at the exact moment the foam touches the rim of the glass. You will not only remove the oxygen in the superfluous foam that distorts the taste, but you will also create surface tension that protects the beer from oxygen for a long time. You might ask, why skim? Isn't that a waste? No, why skimming away the bigger bubbles on top, you actually prevent the big bubble to sink and reduce the rest of the smaller cute bubbles!
4. Check
Leave the glass of beer to rest for several moments after pouring. This will enable the beer in the foam to sink back into the glass. Make sure you do not place the glass directly underneath the tap. Drops falling from the tap will damage the foam, which will make it collapse faster. Wait until the foam is stable, only then continue to the next step.

5. Serve
Put down a Heineken beer mat with logo facing the guest. Pick up the glass of beer at the bottom and present it with the logo facing consumer.

If you do everything right, you may have the PERFECT PINT of Heineken (or basically any beer)

See, the foam rest on the shoulder of the Star! That's my standard of perfect on the first try. Muahahah...

Great, now you are my student, I honor you a digital version of the certified pourer pin that my sifu gave me XD XD

Since you follow my "course", you have the significant knowledge on beer pouring, so the next time you order a beer, demand for the perfect pint. The only reason for ordering a second beer is the quality of the first.
Actually not only us blogger, Heineken and GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad) is taking the initiative to tour around peninsular of Malaysia in this Mobile Training Bus to educate bartenders on the correct way to run a bar, typically like pouring a beer.

Our guide reminds us again, this is NOT a party unit. Don't call them up and ask to rent it =.=|||

Bartenders from over 100 outlets nationwide has went through the Heineken Pouring Ritual. After a grueling process of training and intensive bootcamp to prepare them pysically, mentally and emotionally, the top 8 will be pitted against each other at the National Finals to vie for the ultimate spot to represent Malaysia in the Heineken Global Bartender Finals in Amsterdam.
Bon Siong Hooi, from Traders Hotel, K.L; Jimmy Goh Teong Hock from Patio Bar, Genting

Jamie Malina Samarakkody from Palate Palette, KL; Diniy Syimir B Mohd Nor Adzaman Francis from WIP, Bangsa

Low Wei Kiang from Beer Belly, Taman Impian Emas; Tan Yin Hui from Geographer, Melaka

Dextor Dion Patrick from The Beer Factory, Setia Walk; Redzulhasnizar Radzon from 32 Bistro, Puchong, 

Ouch... I am secretly envy of them. One of them have the chance the represent Malaysia in The Heineken Global Bartender Finals in Amsterdam! Damn.... Soon, I learn what drinkers like us can have the chance too, not presenting, but all-expenses paid trip to join the winning bartender to Amsterdam. Isn't that crazy or what?! Through Heineken Star Serve Facebook App, us drinker can virtually learn how to perform the five steps in Heineken Pouring Ritual while putting their beer knowledge to the test in a pop quiz. The top 8 virtual pourers in the app will receive an exclusive invite in the Mational Finals of Heineken Star Serve competition, with the winner of the pour-off taking home an all-expense paid trip t join the winning bartender in Amsterdam and witness the Heineken Global Bartender Finals in November.

Worry not as the apps has interactive pictorial instruction to teach you how to pour the perfect pint. The only thing you need to concern is that you must be 18 years old and above to join.

Complete the challenge and fill in the info. The next thing you know, you might be getting a call from them, asking you when is your Passport due so you don't miss out the flight to Amsterdam with Them!

Too bad for me, I might be good in pouring the physical pint *cough*, but I am not close to the prefect pourer online :( If you don't want to miss the chance, check them out HERE.

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