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Friday, July 5, 2013

My Virgin Beauty Salon Experience with Facework Esthetic

If you have know me for a while, you probably know that I studied Engineering and currently working as an Engineer in a Electronic based Multinational company. No, I don't mean to show off my background *fliphair*, you will see why I told you these, soon.
Have you heard of the saying that there no girls in Engineering Faculty. It's TRUTH! One point is, there are rarely girls studying Engineering, even if there is, they are not a girly girl. Most of us (the engineering girls) don't know (or most accurately, don't have time) to take care of our self. We don't makeup, we don't self maintenance (maintaining those machine in work is enough work), we don't dress-up and we don't social much. We are living as if we are a guy. Well, in some cases, guys can take care of themself even better than us. Then, there is this electronic factory whereby the clean room is dry and cold as sh!t, how good looking can I be with all these factors around? Not that I don't want to be beautiful or too lazy to do the routine, it's just we are too busy and the environment is too extreme to live with.

I uses expensive skin care product and moisturizer,  but non of them gave significant result. I has almost gave up on myself T_T, then Facework contact me for a review. At first, I was like meh... you can save me, no one can..... then, I though, no harm trying....

Located in Sunway Mentari, Facework open everyday.

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Facework  Esthetic Sdn Bhd, renowned as a member of Branding Association was established in year 2012. They are the esthetic center in Sunway that provides the latest Korea style cosmetic surgery with a comprehensive makeover trip to Korea.

They incorporate with the reputable - more than 10 years’ experience in the industry and awards winning plastic surgeons and professional worldwide - Malaysia, Singapore, U.K, Korea and Taiwan. Their one stop solution services are:

·   Cosmetic surgery
·   Non-invasive esthetic treatment
·   Invasive esthetic treatment
·   Body contour treatment
·   Scar smoothing treatment
·   Anti-aging placenta with stem cell treatment
·   Whitening and collagen booster
·   DNA reprogram system (T8)

They have various room size, either single bed, double bed (for the couples and bffs), VIP room (where they have most atas deco and toilet in the room) and surgery room.
Dunno for what reason, they hosted me in a double bed room. I hope there is no one no things on the next bed ~.~

Before we start, let's get a pic. You can clearly see that I have a oily reflective face due to whole day outing for event.

After some cleansing procedure, my face looks less oily but still radiant.

Then, the therapist proceeds to a "removal" procedure where she literally squeeze my acne and wipe with tissues. Most painful experience I ever had T_T. Warning, do no do this at home, they are professionally trained. You might end up in scar if you do not follow the proper procedure.

Then, I am up for a cold mask.

The cold air and the mask kindda help to minimize the pores.

If you think, that's wrap, you have no idea....

She then applies a gel like substance to my face and massages it with a small device. The gel is like those used in ultrasound, whereas the tool does not vibrate but emit very minimum amount of electric zap. If didn't pay attention, can't even feel the electric zap.

Not sure how true is that, after the "electric" zap, I notice my skin got lighter.
The treatment then wrapped up with another cold mask.

After the treatment, I can see significant changes on my face.
My freckles give lighter. It was previously dark brown,near to black and now lighter brown.

More pores are smaller and less oil residue under my skin.

The therapy manage to pop one my my gigantic pimple on my right skin, leaving a red mark. After a few days, when I tried to pop it out again, more residue came out and now it healed! ^_^

Facework Esthetic is now having Collagen peel it has effect as follows:

How I wish my freckles may reduce like this girl or maybe one day, gone forever!

I wish to tell you more about my experiment and what's every treament's effect but pardon my knowledge. I don't even know the price for the treatment as they mentioned it depends on the individual skin condition. You may visit their Facebook to know more. 

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