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Monday, October 15, 2012

October Festival @ Station One 2012 promotion [Food Review]

It does not need introduction for beer lover to recognize this logo.
Yes, it is Guinness, folks!
Since last week's Arthur's day, we have more alcohol drunkard beer lovers.
Not JUST beer anymore. This year, Station One is in the October fest mood again. You can enjoy 4 Tiger and 2 Guinness pints for only RM63. 
WOW?! Best part is yet to come.The deal comes with 2 snacks from a range of 10.

Luck me, (more lucky if I am a guy), GAB and Station One arrange some typical European girls to serve us that night.
I would agree that I am among the taller than average girls in Malaysia standard, but this girls are not some one who is in my range.Felt threaten standing beside them.... so I better don't reveal my group photo with them ^~^|||

So, let's reveal what Station One's snack that comes with the beer promotion shall we?
Below are the descending order of how well I think the snack match with the beer. The order does not indicates the best snack or any recommendations, either from GAB or Station One. The order is just my preference on how well I think the snacks matches Tiger beer.

1. Savory Lattice Fries.
Reason: I am not a serious beer/alcohol drinker. I don't really like the bitterness from any kind of alcohol. I found that the savory flavor from the lattice fries reduced the bitterness from the beer so that the beer's after taste became more bearable and I tend to drink more after each bite.

2. Chicken Filament Roll
One of my favorite snack of the night. It taste like Lor Bak (卤肉), only less salty.It will be prefect with more marination. The cucumber also a add point coz it balance back the oily snack, returning a fresh breath.

3. Potato wedges 
I like potatoes, everything about potato is my favorite (so far this is true). The wedges are not as salty as the lattice fries, but not bad either. It has crispy and well seasoned skin with soft fluffy inner. Probably was double or triple fried. It can slightly reduce the bitterness from the beer.

4. Lobster Ball
My 2nd favorite snack of the night.The ball itself is very bouncy. Other  than the solid paste, it also consist of a kind of material that has similar texture like fish roe. It will pops on a slight pressure. Not really a fine combination with beer, but the snack itself is already pretty awesome.

5. Hash Brown
People sitting same table with my keep saying how bad this hash brown is compared to the one from McD. I was afraid to express but I do think McD's hashbrown suck, this is much better than them. It was slightly season (McD's hashbown was not season except salt), it was mushy inside (whereby McD's are chunky), it and the breadcrumb make it so crispy.It might not be the top snack but ti blend pretty well with the beers.

6. Surimi Golden Prawn
Very big difference from the prawn dumping that id widely available in Chinese Dim Sum shop. No flavor, left only crispiness.

7. French Fries
Before you go like "meh... thats so boring...". Yeah, it is boring, that's why it is in this position. However, it's very soft and tender inside. the outer skin just hard enough to hold the stick together. Very nice combination with beer. 

8.Deli Nugget
The usual frozen nugget that you can find any where. The skin was alright was the frying, but the nugget itself is pretty much tasteless. With the beer, it increase the bitterness and the after taste are stronger too. If you like your beer to be bitter, you might like it very much.

9. Fried Fish Ball
Another boring snack. I was very fancy about it. The fish does taste a bit salty and thats the only compliment I can give.

10. Honey Crab Dumpling
My least favorite snack of the night.It said honey, but no honey taste at all. The skin was crispy dry till bitter. The filling was so-so i.e. no taste, yet people of the same table giving it very high rating.

How do you like the promotion offer by Station One? These are juyst by presonal experience. If you happen to tried it, let me know which you prefer the most?

On the other hand, GAB is also offering limited edition GAB’s Oktoberfest 1L Ceramic Mug with each 1L Tiger beer purchase.
It suppose to look and feel heavy & muscular, but I made it looked cute <3 (muahahhaha)

Other than that, if you purchase GAB beers from retail outlets such as Cold Storage, Mercato, Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer will enjoy store discount. As for the refreshments outlet (such as coffee shops and Chinese restaurant) for every purchase of any three big bottle of Tiger, Guinness or Anchor, consumers will get a discount of RM3. Consumers can also enjoy the flexibility to pair any of the three bottles between the three provided selections, to suit each individual’s preference. To add more excitement, GAB is introducing a Facebook activity called the Biermeister, where beer lovers can hunt for more rewards. Log on to GAB’s Oktoberfest Facebook page from September 17 –October 31 daily to check out more details.


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