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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Carousel Breakfast Buffet [food review]

In my last blog post, I mentioned I stay in Palace of the Golden Horse of 1 night. The executive suite also comes with breakfast buffet in Carousel, the place where I had my dinner the previous night.


hash brown, roti jala, nais lemak, sausage,
friend noodles, chicken

century eggs, 

bread (with curry gravy)
donuts and pita bread

Overall: 7/10 [notbad.jpg]
Taste bud indulgence: 9/10 [1 word: SALTY. 2 words" DEAD SALTY. I personally thinks they purposely made their dishes salty so that diners will drink more water to dilute but not too salty till you will puke]
Purse Saver: -/10 [It comes with the room, so no idea how much it actually cost]
Location: 7/10 [Once you find palace of the golden horse, you can ask any one to ask for direction.]
Service: 6/10 [It was quite pack in the morning, so the service is a bit slow but still bearable]


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