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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association 關聖宮龍獅團

DongDongRong DongQiang~ GongHei GongHei!
Heehee nope, Chinese New year is no where near.This is an overdue post on my visit to Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Association in Jahor Bahru few months ago for Sentosa Mall World Lion Dance Competition.

Typical Lion dance stereotype would be badass samseng that do bad stuff.

But these cute little fluffies only remind me of this:

Awww... *cute* <3

Look at these guy. It really subverting public's stereotype of Lion Dance troop equals to "samseng" which further related heavily dye hair, smoking, skipping class, drugs, loan shark etc. These cute guys do look like some honest, obedient bookworm that doesn't not have bad habits. This display a strong contrast of our perception towards to lion dancer troop.

What you see might not reflect to what it is.It takes years to train before they can preform and years more to be on a championship.

What we see are beautiful moves on stage

and cool pose 

But how often we see their sweat, blood, injuries? I dare you to stand up on one of these pillars and you might shat your pants (not literally, I mean shiver), imagine they doing it everyday plus dancing, jumping, doing stuns with a giant lion head on them.

I had a chance to meet & interview some of these amazing teens.

Yeah, you see it right. They are not Chinese, they are Malays. Like other Chinese, they injuries during practice is not any light than Chinese boys. Few weeks before, one of them fallen from the pillar and got a few stitches on his head. When I asked them about the boy's parent reaction,  out of my expectation, the other boys told me he parents blame him for not focusing enough during training and asked him to be more focus once he healed.

If you are interested to know more about them, here is their Official Facebook Fan page

Bonus of the day:

Me camewore again w.o makeup. Took it in New York Hotel. Click HERE to know more about New York Hotel.

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