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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Have Been Blackmailed

by bread on Sisi.

If you have read my blog for a while, you must know I named by car Sisi. I can't say I LOVE my car as much as I love myself, but I do take care of Sisi.
I don't always drive to class. My housemates and I carpool. Some times, I left it on the valley if someone else parked inside the house. I wasn't driving to class today, so I left Sisi in front of my house. When I came back, this was what I see:

Ignore the gate, no one was home when I came back from class. Broken pieces of bread was everywhere, both on Sisi and on the floor.

I had the shocked of myself.
Did someone used bread to blackmail me coz he/she knows I like to eat bread with Nutella?

Or did he/she knows I only like the white part but not the browned bread skin?

Or or or....


I just can't understand.

None of the reason I made make sense...

Then my housemate teased:

"Must be those monkeys again =.="

That explains a lot why Sisi has unknown scratches some times and my laundry clothes are on the floor though it was not windy~


  1. hahahaha! maybe those were some hungry monkeys who stole the bread and ate it on top of your car! :P

  2. hmmm maybe sisi like to eat bread and saw u return and simply throw and become very calm normal car?

  3. Oops! Better be careful yeah babe :)