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Monday, April 9, 2012

Food Panda - Online Food Delivery System is in The Town

First thing first, can you say no to Panda?

This a cheese commercial in Egypt years ago. I don't think Food Panda is in any way associated with the brutal panda. Oh well, Panda is so rare that it almost associates with any other Panda is a way.

Back to the topic.


Food Panda, latest food delivery service in town (only in town I mean....if you know what I mean).
"Miraclely", when I screen through the restaurant that has delivery service in K.L, I know NONE of these restaurant. I mean, I have heard some of them before, but I have dine in any of these restaurant before. 30mins to 180 mins of delivery time, are you kidding? I would rather drive or walk out to buy my food, rather waiting for them to serve me.

For sure, if their services didn't improve like, no wider coverage, more restaurant choice or less delivery time, such system will be an epic failure.

I don't care how cute you are or how scoundrel you can be, flipping my trolleys or swpinging off my PC from my table, I you are not good, I am not gonna use you. We will see how you preform in a short time, hope you have your improvements soon.  


  1. Thanks for the reply.and the direct forward attitude. :)

    While we prepare to jet set move into this coming of a new techonological era , YES , we MUST strengthen our service system. Foodpanda is still in its beginning stage and YES , we will succeed. How? lesser lag time , better choices and more coverage. :)

    Perhaps , you can try out anyways from the list of restaurants. Try Puzzini's pizzas ( authentic swedish) or even Nasi Lemak Express ( who has an unique dried prawn sambal prep. only from the east coast of msia) .

    Do try !!
    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you again. Till then , happy eating.


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