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Monday, March 26, 2012

One Girls Trash is Another Girl's Treasure: Lip gloss Giveaway

Got these as free gift when I did shopping last 2 week.

I am very fussy on my the thing I use and I can use make up very slowly. 
By the time I finish my current lipgloss, I think they already expired, so Imma just give away.
SO, if you are interested to get these lipgloss, leave me a comment in my FB-comment session below say you want it, better if you can tag my name @ysquare chan in it  (you can only do so if you add me ask friend, so better add me now XD)

Since, this is not an advertorial/sponsor post/sample/trial, YsquareC is not gonna responsible for the item and courier. But I will be back to K.L in 1 to 2 weeks time and I can pass it to you by then.


  1. opps too bad then! im not in kl to take it! =(

  2. lol i thought the first pic is sausages HAHAHA

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