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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The wedding Diary [Movie Review]

Howdy~ Valentine is coming and whats your plan? My plain just failed badly where the Post Express was SOOOOO on time for the 1st time and ruined the Vday surprise #fuckmylife. Okay, maybe a bit exaggerated and  digree from what I wanna say. What I mean is, Vday is also the time couples plan to get marry at. Probably due to easy to remember date? The mainstream commercial advertisement will keep remind you the Vday is coming.

Did u get any "red boom" lately?

Neither I do. So I can have some spare change to watch a lovey dovey Vday movie: The wedding diary.

Looking at the tittle and the trailer, I thought the movie is all about the trouble faced by the couple during marry.
Not only they have to face the family from both sides,
Do all the ritual ceremony according to the traditions,
and of course moneys.
Thanks to the always supportive friends and family, all the conflicts are finally solved. 
And a happy ending. The End.

The typical fairy tale ending eh? Not really, there are a lot more to do even after marriage. There are some scene in the movie and I can totally relates. My tears dropped uncontrollably in some of the scene. Maybe u can watch this movie with you loved 1 during the Vday (make sure you book the tickets beforehand!) and it might inspire you to make the decision to end your life with him/her? Life is too short to wait, do it now =)
Wish you all a happy valentine's day (note: I am not a sex before marriage person,, so do whatever you want but don't do something you might regret at a later time)

Overall: 7/10 [Typical Vday movie that will makes u tear. I am not sure how guys would like it, but if u have some time, guys take your girls to this movie!] 
3D/CG: -non applicable, very little and non significant-
Story: 6/10 [The old-fashioned happily ever after story. However, the movie's end is not the factor that lure the girl, the journey to happily ever after is. I still don't believe happily after ending, have to work for it =)]
Cast: 9/10 [For a local production, the cast is pretty good if I say so. Their skill is undoubted]

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  1. love happy endings...certainly wouldn't mind catching it but will need lots of convincing to the hubster to catch it at the cinemas though he'll be fine to catch it at home so he can surf the net in between the movie. lol.

    1. Yeah, u are right. JUst wanna show off a lil bit, my boyfy volunteer to watch it with me ^_^ I didn't expect it much but it turns out great! ^_^

  2. so fast watch alrdy? sounds good this movie! :)