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Monday, February 20, 2012

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, 和民居食屋 [Dinner Set Review]

Do you notice something familiar?
The tittle I mean.
Freed not, I don't blog the same thing for 2 times.
Last month, I had a spontaneous decision to have lunch in Watami and wrote a blog post HERE.

I know I had did quite some food review with my own money and some are by invitation. However, I never get contacted by the restaurant side personally and that is what lead to the food tasting session result from our negotiation. Mr. Amriptal, the operation director of Watami Malaysia was generous enough to sponsor me (us) table of 4, one in Pavillion branch and another one in One Utama branch. I was able to tag along some photographers and blogger (food and life style bloggers) for the 2 sessions of lovely dinners. Sorry if you are my close friend blogger yet i didn't invite you to the food tasting session. It's because the places are limited and it was my first time organizing such food tasting session, so... my apologize ~

Btw, you can check out other blogger's review here:

Gold print of Watami logo in front of the Ala Cart menu.

(click the photo to enlarge)
Complete dinner set menu can be found here, while this is just the dinner set we ordered: Premium Set for 4 (RM200++ average RM50 per person).
Other than this, Watami also offered few other dinner set such as 
Casual Set for 2 (RM80++ average RM40 per person), 
Value Set for 2 (RM90++ average RM45 per person),
Premium Set for 2 (RM100++ average RM50 per person),
Value Set for 4 (RM160++ average RM40 per person)

Note that these are the promotion price. For example, the dishes in Premium Set for 4 actually cost RM282.  With only RM200 for the whole set, it's truly a great deal! With the exquisite taste originate from Japan, freshens ingredient and skilled cook, the prefect gourmet is made. Worth every penny. 

Ok, enough with the Intro, lets start!
The set comes with 4 choices of drink, namely:

Green citrus cola, green citrus green tea, green citrus tea, green citrus, yuzu marmalade soda
No much comment I can say about the drink. I didn't try all the drinks but it's ok.
I prefer to have hot tea (either Ocha i.e. Japanese green tea, or hot Chinese tea is fine with me) during my meal. The tea helps to cleanse the flavor in the  mouth so as to provide a refreshing next bite without contamination from previous bite. Beside, cool drink will numb your tongue and lower your enjoyment of the flavor of your food.

Teriyaki Chicken Salad
I have tried their lettuce and corn salad on the lunch set. This time, with addition of Terriyaki chicken and other veges. The flavor is still as good. The addition of Terriyaki chicken doesn't compliment the salad much. The marinated chicken tasted not bad, but the chicken was frozen before so the flesh and fats structure has changed a bit. Not to complain, but I think it may be better. Still, the main ingredient of the salad is not the chicken, it's the topping. The salad dressing is very special, not your typical mayonnaise. The dressing were made from thick egg yolk, Japanese rice vinegar (which equivalent to mayonnaise), and sesame oil. Most of the blogger in the food review compliment the salad dressing.

Next, my all time favorite:

You see the thick cut of salmon and scallop sashimi(刺身)?
Too bad for you if you don't eat raw food *muahahahah*

Salmon Sashimi

Maguro Sashimi

Scallop sashimi

Note that other than 3 different sashimi, there are also shiso leaf and kelp. Shiso leaf (perilla) is a kind of mint leaf that Japanese used in dishes especially with sashimi. Shiso leaf is rich in vitamin and mineral. It's comman in Japan but it cost a bomb in Malaysia. A few pieces of leaf can cost up to few Ringgit until tens of Ringgit. The kelp in my 1st food tasting session was crisp and moist while the kelp in the 2nd visit (the picture above) was slightly dry.

About the Sashimi. Frankly (don't say I jakun) I really think it is one of the best (and probably the best) sashimi I ever had. The fresh, thick fish is SO juicy and soft with complete texture, not the kind of soggy soft. You can clearly see the veins on the fishes. When you smell it, you barely smell anything. If you are not a fan of sashimi or seafood due to it's fishy smell, I can guarantee you 100%. This is FRESH! When you tounge touches the fish, and you start to chew the minor sweetness of the fish slowly spread in your mouth and pampered you taste buds.
Mr. Amritpal guarantee the freshness of their ingredient by shipping the ingredient from Japan twice a week, which is on Tuesday and Thursday. Once the sashimi is more than 2 days, they will dispose it. SO, my tip is to finish them on Tuesday and Thursday for the freshest sashimi =)

Tokusen sushi Moraiwase

Scallop sushi                                                        shrimp sushi

Salmon sushi                                                  and assorted sushi

Other than sushi, the plate also serve as Tamagokayi (玉子焼), Shogo (生姜) a little bit of wasabi.
I am not a big fan of Wasabi, so it was ok. The sushi was ok too, fresh ingredient in the form of common type of sushi we see in Malaysia.

Tempura Moraiwase
I like fry food. I appreciate fry food just like any other cuisine. What is more annoying than the fry food served in front of you were burn or over cook? I have tried a few tempura in my life. Some of them are just decent some are bad. Some are hard and dry and some are not crispy.
This one is good enough, not too soggy, cripsy on the harden batter but still preserved the texture of the ingredient under the crispy skin. If the ingredient can undergo some seasoning, it will be prefect.

Wafu Pizza
This is the BEST pizza I had to date. Even some proclaim professional pizza making restaurant or typical Italian restaurant can not serve Pizza as good. Although Watami has only 2 types of Pizza (another one is Mentai Potato Pizza), their pizza making skills is to the profession level. Mr. Amritpal claims that they only use usual mozzarella cheese on Wafu pizza and the Terriyaki has not much different from the 1 in salad. The one special characteristic of the pizza is the pizza crust. It is as thin as crackers. When you slightly add force in the opposite direction, the crust cracks and break. But I think the high light of the pizza is still the oil and mayonnaise on top of the Pizza. That is where the major flavor come from.

Wafu Hitokuchi Steak
If you ever dine with me, you know i don't eat beef. Due to this reason, I can't give too much comment on the steak. But still, I tried the beef in this food tasting.. The beef is medium rare, slightly chew-able, not too soft. During the chewing process of the raw meat in the middle of the flavorful outer skin , you can fell the juice flows out in every chew. Very well marinated, hence the flavor. It also comes with bite size, so no extra juice was wasted during the cutting process.

The set comes in 4 choices of  main dish, which is:
Tokyo Gyudon (beef rice bowl in hot spring egg), Ishiyaki Bibimbap (beef and Kimchee rice in Stone Pot), Ishiyaki Garlic rice (Garlic and butter seafood rice in stone pot), Gyuniku Ishinabe Kuppa (Beef rice in spicy broth stone pot). In both session, bloggers choose

Tokyo Gyudon (beef rice bowl in hot spring egg)
I tried a few spoon. The beef has the it's own aroma, slightly elastic but very flavorful. With the companion of the onsen egg (spring egg), the texture of the rice become slightly sticky and yes I like it.

While for the hot pot, there is 2 choices which is:

Gyuniku Sukiyaki Nabe

Shio Chanko Nabe (Sumo wrestler hot pot)

You can choose either one of these 2 hot pot and you can choose you carbs to serve with it.

We choose Udon, but you can also choose Ramen (noodle or more to as maggi mee in Malaysia) or Gohan (rice) go go with it.

Both hot pot is not  something I familiar with. The soup is extremely salty which is not common in Malaysian's steamboat. The saltiness of the soup isn't due to salt overdose but more like very thick broth that undergo hours or boiling process. The 1st or second sip is ok, but the more you drink, the more salty the soup become. It's nice to have your ingredient dipped in the soup and eat it separately but it's not wise to drink the soup. I guess that's why the soup amount is so little? Mr. Amritpal claim that those Japanese guys want to preserve the original taste from Japan, hence do not compromise to revise the taste to suit it to Malaysian taste. Well, I think it's a wise choice whereby they preserve their identity while introducing the original flavor from Japan. I think I start to like it already ^_^

As for dessert, there are 4 choices of ice-cream in the list. You don't have to take 4 different flavor if you only prefer certain one.

Vanilla ice-cream

Chocolate ice-cream

Goma(sesame) ice-cream

Matcha (green tea) ice-cream
These ice-cream are from Premium Bucket. The vanilla and chocolate flavor are the usual ones from the market. The personally like the chocolate flavor most. The chocolate taste is very rich but not too sweet. Goma and Matcha flavor are very rich too but too bad it's not sweet enough. Guys might find it ok but girl, sigh... not the kind of dessert I was expecting =(

Last but not least, camwore with the blogger in the Pavilion session

From left: BenjaminQian, Me, Jackie Loi and Samuel
Not in the photo: BokKelvin
Photo credit to Samuel.

Home page:

Watami Malaysia @ Pavilion KL
C4.04.00, Level 4, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-2141 6671

Watami Malaysia @ 1 Utama
1st Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T: +603-7727 1399

Overall: 10/10 [Perferrrrctt~]

Taste bud indulgence: 12/10 [The good taste straight from Japan! woots~] 

Purse Saver: 10/10 [Frankly, I wouldn't go to Watami if there is no occasions, but their premium dinner set is really a purse saver! Once in a while of luxury wouldn't be so bad, right? XD]

Atmosphere: 10/10 [Really relaxing orange light.]

Location: 10/10 [Both Pavillion and 1U is 1 of the top mall in Malaysia and the location of the restaurant in the mall is pretty easy to locate, oh did I say it already?]

Service: 10/10 [Not only the waiters are friendly, they even kneel down to explain to you closely beside you. That's is like soooooo unexpected. *thumbs*]


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