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Monday, February 13, 2012

Beauty and The Beast 3D [Movie Review]

Beauty and The Beast, a movie that need no intro and synopsis.
How many of you grow up watching this? 
I remember I re-watch this movie almost everyday during my childhood, especially during my kindergarten time. When the songs starts, I can feel my body trembles. That is such a magical feeling as if you are young once again, listening to the familiar songs, dance with your toe like you are on the ball room... ah~ childhood. 
Although I forgot most of the story line, I still remember the ending. Sadly, I still cry like bitches at the ending.... piff... I hate myself~

Put a side all the feelings, lets talk a bout technical stuff. The audio has not much changes. The visual is a huge breakthrough. After compare Star Wars Episode 1 3D, I feel like Star War is cheating money. Beauty and The Beast 3D really creates a depth by emerging the foreground and push back the background while the characters in the middle remain unchanged. I strongly believe that the crew remake the some of the background while remains the characters. For example, at the dancing scene
became this:
It's not hard to notice that the original warm background has turn into more realistic texture while the color of the characters has tune down to a cooler color.

Those professional has their reason why they are cooling the scene (color), but I definitely prefer a warmer color tone. I appreciate they remake some of the background to enhance the layering effect of depth but some how my mind can not accept the out of proportion architecture. In some scene, the human is relatively larger than the building while in some others, it appears the opposite. The crew also tried to layer the character to enhance the 3D effect but it still appear as 2 separate figure, not 1 (fail~)

Overall: 7/10 [Oww.. my fav movie, but hey no bias, I still give marks professionally] 

3D/CG: 6/10 [I really appreciate the depth created in this movie. It was more successful than Star War. Hey, isn't 3D movie suppose to be like that? However, I am still not satisfy with the architecture propotion =(]
Story: 8/10 [I used to think it was the best story ever. If I was still 6 years old, I would gave them 15/10 due to the creativity of giving life and characteristics to all the furniture and the love story. Kids nowaday is spoiled with all kind of interested story with eventually push them away from the top chart. Avatar, Toy story, Rapunzel etc. all has very interesting story that still make sense. Still, kudos to the script writer, no one else can create such a creative story]
Cast: -non applicable- Well, Celine Dion might be a plus point.

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