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Monday, November 14, 2011

TenShi no Cafe(天使の喫茶) Teaser

Coutesy to Ivy and Tenshi no Cafe for inviting me and deary for a food tasting session in e-curve. This is just a teaser, not a review yet.
ysquare and Jloi at Tenshi no Cafe
Bring along deary as my guest.

Katsu Curry Rice in Tenshi no Cafe
I was served with Katsu Curry Rice.

Maid Mizuri at TenShi no Cafe
The cuteness overdose Maid Mizuri

Drooled?( I don't care it's by the food, the maid or me XP)
I will only be posting the review on the coming weekend, stay tuned! At the mean time, you can check out TenShi no Cafe's Facebook page at:


  1. hmmm I can smell the Curry Chicken sauce macam sour hahaha

  2. it's a nice place! was supposed to join you guys that day but couldnt make it :(