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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tenshi no Cafe (天使の喫茶) Food Review

Tenshi no cafe logo

Like I mention in my teaser post, thanks to Ivy and Tenshi no Cafe for inviting me for a Selangorlicious Foodster Trip last Tuesday(8th Nov 2011) in their shop in e@curve.
P/s: Tenshi in Japanese means angel, hence the logo.

Just in case you don't know wheres e@curve
Tenshi no Cafe is just on LG North Circle, opposite to Mr. Teppanyaki.
The detail address:
LG18, North Side, e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone: 7728 6118 (Ms. Akiko)

Tenshi no cafe maid and butler (waitress and waiter)
Although the name as a cafe, but I think their high light is their cos-play waiter and waitress which dress in maid and butler.

Since this is a food review, let me just start with the food here. Tenshi no Cafe served medorn Japanese street food.You might not recognize the food as very "Japanese-ish" but this is what Japanese like to eat although it's not their tradition. For example: spaghetti and curry.
Tenshi no cafe menu
Tenshi no Cafe Menu. Very girly pinkish.

Tenshi no cafe commandment
When you come dine in Tenshi no Cafe, they are some rules that you should abide to, which I think is partially to protect their staff's privacy and to avoid any kind of potential harassment.

Tenshi no cafe chocolate Milk Shake
Before I start my long food review, let me just have a sip of my drink, the chocolate milk shake.
*slurp* ah~ more milk please?

There are few series of main dish avalable:
(1) Charaben,キャラ弁 short form of character Bento,キャラクター弁当
Bento is single portion takeout or home-made meal common in Japanese cuisine. Originally, Charaben was made/design by the home makers to interest their children in their food and encourage them to consume wider range of food. In Tenshi no Cafe, every week day have different charaben. I came for the food review on Tuesday, so we were served:

Tenshi no cafe Kawaii Bento - squirrel haven
Kawaii Bento - Squirrel Haven (RM16.90)

Tenshi no cafe Kawaii Bento - Snow Day
Kawaii Bento - Snow Day (RM16.90)
I didn't try the bento, but according to other food reviewer that came along, they comment that the spaghetti has no taste and the Bento is too small. I have to agree with them about the sizes. Even for a girl, the portion is actually quite little. THe maid, explains to us that, if they do it on a larger portion, then the bento wouldn't be cute and the decoration wouldn't be nice. But I hope they at least should design 2 sizes for the bento and redesign the decoration if needed. (please? it is so freaking nice to have a cute bento if it is in larger portion =()

To know more about Tenshi no cafe's charaben on weekday, you can get their link HERE.

(2) Japanese Curry, カレー
Most people doesn't aware that Japanese curry do not directly bought in by India or Indian. During mei-ji era, where the Japanese Emperor adapting technologies from out side, curry was brought in by the British, hence the mild and non spicy flavor. Tenshi no cafe serve 3 kind of curry rice, ehich is:

Tenshi no cafe Katsu Curry Rice
Katsu Curry Rice (RM19.90)

Tenshi no cafe Mango Curry Rice
Mango curry rice ((RM16.90)
and Ebi curry rice (no illustration)

We were serve 2 of the dishes above. I had the Katsu curry rice. Pardon me that I do not know what Katsu here means. The curry was not spicy, but rich in spices and have a mild sweet taste. The veges in the curry was well cook, soft but not mashed (my mom always over cook curry dishes until all the veges soften and mashed~) The rice is a bit dry but it's in the acceptable range since it will some how dip with curry gravy, so no big deal. My Katsu Curry rice topping includes deep fry chicken breast and sweet cherry. The meat was not marinated and over fried, totally dry and hard to chew, not to mention the swallow process @~@. And the cheery is the worst. I personally don't like preserved sweet cheey, I think they taste like medicine. Although I like black forest cakes, but I never appreciate the preserved cherries. Fresh cherry is ok, but preserved 1? Nah... they shouldn't have exist in the 1st place (prove me wrong by sponsoring me more kick ass nice preserve cheery wouldn't you?)

(3) Rice (Japanese Fry Rice)
There are 5 types of rice dish serve in Tenshi no Cafe at the moment. 2 of the dishes served to us was:

Japanese Omurice
Japanese Omurice (RM16.90)
(the mayo-tomato sauces writing can be personalize)

Salmon Fish ball serve wtih Japanese Fry Rice
Salmon Fish Ball served with Japanese Fried Rice (RM16.90)

I don't understand why their fry rice is generally name Japanese fry rice. If you go to Malay store order "Nase Goreng Cina" (Chinese Fry Rice) they will give you a plate of fry rice full of veges, little meat and not spicy (Chinese discrimination of eating lots of veges and don't like spicy). It is ok to generalize a Chinese food in non Chinese restaurant, but you are generalize a Japanese food in Japanese restaurant? That is not so professional =(

(4) Donburi,どんぶり (丼)
Donburi also known as Don, is a Japanese rice bowl dish, which has meat or vegies topping usually comes with eggs. Tenshi no cafe offers 4 types of donburi:

Tenshi no cafe Una Toji Don
Una Toji Don (RM21.90)

Tenshi no cafe Teriyaki Don
Teriyaki Don (RM19.90)
Chicken Katsu Don (not illustrated) and Ebi Toji Don (not illustrated)
These Donburi sure looks delicious, too bad, no chance to try it =(

(5) Spaghetti, スパゲティー
ya ya, didn't expect an Italian food to be serve in Japanese restaurant? Like I said, Japanese are readily accepting the outside technology especially during Mei-ji era. Spaghetti is one of the food that they accept, alter and adapted.Tenshi no cafe serves 3 type of Spaghetti with 3 different sauces.
Tenshi no cafe Chicken Spaghetti - with black pepper sauce
Chicken Spaghetti (RM23.90)

Tenshi no cafe Seafood spaghetti - with sweet and sour sauce
Salmon Spaghetti ((RM23.90)

and Salmon Ball spaghetti (not illustrated)
all these spaghetti come with 3 choice of sauces, which is black pepper sauce, sweet and source source and also white sauce.

While for the dessert, Tenshi no cafe offers us either ice floss or ice creams.

Tenshi no cafe - Peach Ice Floss
I choose Peach Ice Floss.
I was so amazed by the sweet and slightly sour after taste ice floss. Apparently, they made the ice flass from juices cube!
OMGEEE~ *haven*

Tenshi no cafe durian ice floss
I also tried my partner's Durian Ice Floss. IT IS DA BOMB!
It is quite surprise to know that they can actually induce the durian flavor into the ice floss although I already know it form my portion of peach ice floss. And wtf~ how they made the extract the durian flesh? It's so d@mn nice weh....

After I was pampered with the awesome food journey, I walk around the cafe and took some photo:

Tenshi no cafe outer logo
External view of Tenshi no cafe

Tenshi no cafe interior

Tenshi no cafe maid and butler list drawingList of maid and butler's self potrait~

Tenshi no cafe decoration (anime toy collection)
anime toys

Tenshi no cafe interior
It is so nice that I feel like I am in a painting... oh wait... this is a painting XD (with photoshop art filter)

Tenshi no cafe decorations

Tenshi no cafe interior
The ambient

Tenshi no cafe interior
Thats so comfy >.<

Tenshi no cafe interior
But I wouldn't take my bf come. I don't feel comfortable of my bf starring at other beautyful girls =(

Last but not least, camwore!!!!
Tenshi no cafe Me and the butler and maid
With the maid and butler
I am sorry I don't know the butler's name but on my left is Akiko, the operation manager.

ysquare and Jloi at Tenshi no Cafe
with my guest of the night.

To wrap up:
Overall, I don't find the food here attractive. However, I would give them credit on the ambient, decorations, cos-play waiter and waitress and the concept of such restaurant (which originally come/inspired from Japan). Other than a cafe, they also host various events. The latest promotion would be the membership card, Cosplayer concession(daily) and Princess Concession (Every Wednesday).

You can fine more about their membership details HERE.
For Cosplayer concession, every Cosplayer that dine in Tenshi no cafe will be entittle to 15% discount on all menu items. Valid until 30 Dec. More info HERE.
For Princess Concession, every girl that visit Tenshi no Cafe on Wednesday will recieve a free drink from the beverages menu. Valid until 30 Dec. More info HERE.

Overall: -/10 (I don't wanna judge~ scared I will be comment since this is a sponsored post~)

Taste bud indulgence: 6/10 (It's just so-so, I know I take nice photo #buaypaisehface but I only try portion of their menu selection, I can't conclude all their food with this mark)

Purse saver: -non applicable- (Disclaimer: this is a sponsored food review)

Atmosphere: 10/10 (Like I mention, I feel really comfortable with the atmosphere and I like the way the maid and butler were dressed)

Bonus Picture:
Since the cafe do not allow the diner to take the maid/butler's photo w/o permission, I just wanna bribe this photo to those otaku out there XP
Tenshi no cafe waitress - maid Mizuki
Maid Mizuri
I can't promise I have more bribe for the otaku, but food review? オフコース!!!


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