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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Do you ever had a happy moment that is so memorable that you feel like you want to seal and preserve it in the fridge but you just missed that split second?
why could I possibly know?
Coz I face this dilemma ALL THE TIME!

Beeing a girl isn't easy, we have to groom ourselves, dress nicely, talk politely, carry ourself gracefully in any kind of occasion and the list go on and on.... And for our bag, it probably stuffed with 50 pairs of fake lashes in case of emergency, not to mention that 97344326 different colors lip tics and 43598234 colors eye shadow that should be all bring out during EVERY occasion.

Well, I may have exaggerated on the last 2 lines but which girl is willing to carry a dumb bell like DSLR every where? The most is that girls bring along their compact camera that give them shitty kind of pictures especially under low light condition which is super noisy >.< ( I mean image noise, I am no photo noob =.=) so that they don't over stuff their bag and later hurt their arm and shoulder due to carrying it?

The definition of happy photography should be a carefree, pressure-less experience where only a click of the shutter that *puff* a picture is taken. I am not degrading or discriminating girls can't take photo well. In fact, I know a few girls that can take very nice photo (and you are looking at one of their blog now XP). They are great in controlling, name it shutter speed, ISO, aperture, lightning, manual focus etc, But the questions is, how many of us can really manage to tweak the setting on the camera before the split second gone?

That's is why M 4/3 is so popular recently. This mirror-less camera may not have the exact out come like DSLR, but it is far better than compact result with just a compact size and weight of camera.

So, my happiest moment would be a carefree time spend with friends and being myself, or just being plan stupid for a laughter that will mark as memory when we grow older. When the camera is taken out, only a few button is need to mark the moment instead of waiting for the photographer to tweak the setting and everybody post for it.
Happy Photography (Olympus)
That would be my happiest moment with my happy photography experience.

How about yours?


  1. you do look very happy in the photo :)

  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..