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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 5: Back To KL! (What is this symbol? Have you seen it?)

Hi hi, sorry for not posting for any photoblog for the last 2 weeks. Was having some dilemma, so went back to KL. As to compensate, I did an extra LONG post for this photoblog ^ ^
Historical Nikon
Went to Mid Valley to buy some component but didn't found it, so end up visiting Nikon's anniversary exhibition.

I can ensure you, 99/100 are men. The left over are models and me -__-
(Why I feel like I am a les again *sigh*)

UMNO building
On my way back home, I did some shooting in the car.
Am I too outdated or what? Since when UMNO building has LED screen huh?

Put aside the photo I took, found out some very interesting photo in the internet the other day:
KLCC-The icon of KL and Malaysia.
I didn't notice the symbol when I 1st saw it.

I didn't suspect anything until I saw this:
The same symbol again!

I used Google Goggles to search it using my phone
No result -__-

The best thing is, I caught sick on the previous week and recover today when I look at the photos with mysterious symbols. And you know what, my back paint that haunted me for a few weeks gone as well!


That's really mysterious~
Is that an coincident?
Is there healing power hidden in the symbol?
Have you seen it?
I hope I am not alone...

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