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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Of Steamboat and Lok Lok Satay Celup as 3rd Year Last Dinner Gathering Before Intern.

I know, its a looooooooooooooooooooooooong title.
But seriously, the title says it all.
Been invited by my classmate to their house in Taman Merdeka the other day to have steamboat and lok lok satay celup dinner.

home made lok lok satay celup
Assorted defrost frozen food, stringed
We have fish ball, meat ball, toufu, crab stick, sausage etc.

home made lok lok satay celup
While the soup base is just simply some chicken soup.
And yes, we simply use rice cooker to do the cooking job.
Well, we student aren't rich. Rice cooker is not a multifunctional device, but make it to be Xp

all sort of lok lok satay celup sauce
Preparing sauce for the meal (in case its tasteless)
Ranging from pepper, Thai, tomatoes, chilies with soy sauce, Yong Taufu sauce and idon'trememberanymore~

Guys gay-ing around
While waiting for the steamboat and satay to cook, we have some appetizer: quail eggs.

Guys gay-ing around
Bet you recognized the repeated guys above.
Same shirt, same bowl and sitting on the same motorcycle, gaying around~
Then the guy on right realize there is a paparazzi!

Guys gay-ing around
Guy on left: Faster cover face!

After dinner, we have dessert too!
Walls ice-cream vs Baskin Robin
Caleb(guy on red): hey! what you looking at? Whats wrong with me preferring Cornetto mini rather than Baskin Robbins?!


lame joke~

Of course, the night was still young. The heat didn't stop at there. It only symbolized the beginning!

Had a few round of card games (no gambling, don't worry) named bluff.
Was too excited to play and forgot all about photos.

Really had a great time.
As I mention in twitter, not the best day ever, but sure enjoy it very much ^ ^

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