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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ajisen Ramen Japanese Restaurant Aeon Bandaraya Melaka branch

It has been a while since I blog anything about Melaka. This is not really a Melaka post because what I am going to introduce today has branches all over Malaysia, that is:
Ajisen 味千拉面
Ajisen Ramen Japanese Restaurant
I went to the Aeon Bandaraya Melaka branch.

Ajisen Ramen shop at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka
The external of the shop is not really attractive. I barely know it is a franchise.
No particular Japanese decoration, except some Japanese words(日本語)and some red lanterns.

Ajisen Ramen interio
While the internal, you really can't differentiate what kind of restaurant it is if I didn't tell you the name Ajisen and if I cheat you it's an western, you wouldn't know too, right? (-__-|||)

Ajisen Ramen menu
First, the menu. No tax, but 10% service charge.
Large variety of food, ranging from Ramen, rice, set, side dish, dessert and drinks.

Ajisen Ramen green tea cup
As usual, I like some green tea(お茶)during meal. Typical Japanese style cup.

Ajisen Ramen Chicken Teriyaki Rice Set
Chicken Teriyaki and rice set
As you can see, it consist of (12 o'clock clock wise) chicken terriyaki, salad, carrot pickles, soup and steam rice.

Ajisen Ramen Chicken Teriyaki Rice Set
No no no...
you don't need to control your saliva, just let it flow...

Ajisen Ramen Vegetable Curry Ramen
Hubby choose Vegetable Curry Ramen
Although its vegetarian. it is great in value too, you can see the sweet corn, mushrooms and all kinds of agro. Great for vegetarian but for those who is no diet ;)
Like what we expect the curry is rather sweet than spicy, typical Japanese spicy limit towards curry.

Ajisen Ramen Chicken Teriyaki Ramen
As for me, I took Chicken Teriyaki Ramen
(when I was paying I was like -__-||| how could it be more expensive than set?!)
The Chicken is not very tender but well marinated. Perhaps it took too much time to marinate, the texture loose it original tenderness. But that is what I hate hate most.
What I hate most is the burned garlic.
I hate garlic.
I hate it so far and will hate it for the rest of my life.
And when it is burn some more! Can you imagine how I feel? *>.<* Perhaps instead of spicy sigh, all the restaurant should have garlic sign too to indicate garlic-ed dish *XD* Oklah, they have something to be praise too. Their Ramen is extremely filling. It might looks very little at first, but when you much on it, you can feel the solidity of the noodles. I was over Ramen overdose that day... Ajisen Ramen Japanese Deep Fried Tofu
Japanese Deep Fried Tofu
Rm5.50/3 pcs
Hubby ordered it. The skin is very crisp but the inner is very soft. Hubby claim that it has nothing special, but I personally think that its great.

Ajisen Ramen Japanese Dumpling
Japanese Dumpling (gyoza)
OMG *>.<* this is the best Japanese Gyoza that I ever taste. Most unprofessional gyoza turn out to be very yucky, even in some highly rate restaurant. But this is really out of my mind! The soup has very high savoury taste, so are the soya sauce. I really didn't expect it will turn out to be an enjoyfull buy. But the best gyoza in my life so far is still Chinse gyoza, made by Esquire Kitchen before they change their style to fast food chain restaurant.

Overall: 7/10 (Not much to praise but it has also noting much to be complain)
Taste bud indulgence: 8/10 (A lil bit unexpected, but some are good some are just so so)
Purse saver: 7/10 (I can't believe eating set is cheaper than eating Ramen itself 0.0 )
Atmosphere: 6/10 (More like a western restaurant, but the overall service is quite decent.)


  1. I'm really really want to ramen mee..

  2. I will for sure choose sashimi over anything else at Japanese restaurant, our fav.

  3. aiyo, burnt garlic ya.. ><

    But the other food looks great!

  4. but then yr blog photos made my gastric feeling coming back :D

    in love with yr Chicken Teriyaki and rice set..sure taste nice hmm? :))

  5. hahahaha! i went b4 too.
    i think not bad lah!
    i order the beef noodle loh..
    then i add alot chilis , then i tot nt spicy,
    manatau,.. hahhahhaa.....

  6. @archaqx @Isaac Tan @g.ta thanks! I will take it as a compliment to my photos ^ ^

    @Catherine Ang :P sorry if I really did~ The teriyaki is decent. Other Japanese Restaurant can offer better than that. wow... this is the 1st time I heard Japanese food spicy :S

  7. @y-square: i put alot chili powder lah! nt the restaurant's fault. wakakkaa...