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Sunday, March 6, 2011

[Ads] WIth Tune Talk mobile, you will never fail in a prank call again!

Just put the prank call later and I am here to introduce a brand new Telco in Malaysia:
Yes, its Tune Talk!

Curtesy to Nuffnang and Tune Talk, I was able to get a hands on review on Tune Talk prepaid.

Lets see whats in the list:
(1) Sim card (of course, duh =.=)

with instruction manual on how things going on with Tune Talk, such as activation, online self care, balance inquiry, etc.


(2) flyers

(3) RM100 in total of Tune Talk credit

Was so excited just by looking at its rates on the flyers, so 1st thing I did when went back home is to try it out ^ ^
slot in the sim card to the Iphong
(Iphong credit to Jackie, his phone actually, will come back with my new phone review shortly)


With a lil aid from the manual (in the sim pack), I was able to activate and reload for the 1st time.

I know must be asking this:
"H3ll, its a new prepaid service, how the H3ck I am going to find reload?"
Fear not! You can easyly find prepaid in one of these places:
7E, 99speedmart, Tune hotels, CIMB ATM etc

"H3ell ya!, that will cost you a bomb!"
Most prepaid customers have no idea what rates they are paying currently.
Telco tariff plans and Marketing messages confuse customers with different services that actually make us pay even more

Well, there are some fun facts about Tune Talk that YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW:

(i) Tune Talk provide super low flat rates nationwide to any number, anytime
o 16 sen/min
o 5 sen/SMS
o 5 sen/MB data
*compare to the data of my current Telco D, which provide 5s/kb, it sucks the juice out of my purse yo! Even their so call Post paid is Rm33 per 300MB, which is 11s/MB. THATS is twice of Tune Talk yo!*

(ii)Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa
*well, since I am not a insurance agent, I really don't know much about this PA, but you can always go to their website to find out more ;D*

(iii) Earn Tune Talk points for AirAsia flights for every top up (only Telco that rewards you with free Air Asia flights). Points NEVER expire.

(iv)Longer credit period:
RM30 = 50 days
RM50 = 75 days

(vi) Option to change your number anytime
*Now you are talking! This is what I like the most!*

Regarding fact 4, I am going to tell you why I like so much about Tune Talk!
Thanks to Jackie who lend me his phone due to my Reddie die in pieces the other day.
He rarely use the phone hence he didn't know there is a voice change setting in the phone till I tell him.

And again, thanks 2 Tune talk, I am able to change my phone. no. any time!

When phone no. and voice change set (to mature female voice),this was the prank call made to Jackie:
Me : Hello good evening! Is this Mr. Jackie Loi Wing Hong
Jackie : Yes... (stammer a lil)I am.
Me : very sorry to call you this late. Are you free to talk?
Jackie : yeah sure.
Me : Great, I am from a printer company. I know that you are a blogger. Our company have a new model of printer and we need some one to do review on us. Will you be abel to do so?
Jackie : Erm... I don't think so becaues I am very busy with my assignment right now.
Me : It's be fast, just 2 post like that and its all ok.
Jackie : Very sorry but I have few assignment now. Maybe you should go find other people.
Me : Ok thats ok. By the way, if you happens to change your mind, you can always call me back...
Jackie : May I know who's on the line?
Me : I'm ysquare
Jackie : what? again?
Me : I'm ysquare
Jackie : sorry? what is that?
Me : I'm ysquare. Don't you know me?
Jackie : ...(paused)...
Me : I'm ysquare.
Jackie : sorry?

I was so frustrated to explain to him that its me, so I end the call, change the voice change setting and call him again.
Despite of knowing him so many year, I never play such a prank call to him. He deny that he was pranked and he insist that he know its me.Yeah right.... when I say I am ysquare you were so confused = =

Well, that is so far my experience of using Tune Talk. If you are a data user like me and use very lil on phone and sms, I will suggest you to try out Tune Talk!

[this is a sponsored post]


  1. Yeah right~ you and me know the best. You can't even believe it when I say that I am ysquare.

  2. OMG that is so funny! Nice review btw, different in a way :D

  3. haha. nice! u sumore take ur fren to test! LOL

  4. @henry Tan Not just some ordinary friend, it's ma ex (yes! hohoho...)

  5. Cool! i like the prank call conversation! =)

  6. @merryn @xue ren perhaps you guys want to be my next target? I am very willing to do so since Tune Talk sponsor me so much credit! XD

  7. nice! how do you get nuffnang to get you to review something? I have none to review so all i have is free software :(

  8. @Philip Khor huh? free free software? how you get it? how do you get? Don't tell me its the advertisement widget XD
    Well, when nuffnang posted about tune talk, they said that 50 lucky commenter will get to try out the sim pack. I didn't know it is a sponsor post also until I get the review packet.

  9. wow what u mean change the voice?! so special !