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Saturday, March 5, 2011

200th post and 2nd year of blogspot celebration

Never thought that I can make that far!

This blog post record my 200th blog post mile stone on blog spot. Previously, I was blogging in Live Space for a long period. Yeah, I was a blogger when I was a brat like you guys[Annie, it's inappropriate to call your reader brat!]. OK, that is inappropriate.... I was a blogger when I am a brat and now I am still a brat [-__-|||]

Although Blogspot was way much popular than live space back then, but I still chose to stay with Live space because my blog is kindda like my personal diary. Then something happen in between, so I abandon that blog and jump to a new place. Put aside the sad story and now I am announcing the most interesting thing that ever happen to this blog!

I am going to organize a competition on my blog for the 1st time!
Please scream YAY!

Good Dog...Photobucket
LOL just joking, back to the topic.

This is not exactly a tournament, but its just a heart-to-heart session for me to know you reader more. I wouldn't call it a prize[no prize? ceh!], but more like a token of appreciation. So, now this is what you should do:

Question: What do you think about y--square so far? You can comment about me, my blogpost, my photo or anything with me and this blog. Give me suggestion/idea on how to improve it.

Winner: The 5 most special comment/suggestion winner will be pick. If comment is more than 100, I may consider giving 10 prizes [but there were no more than 30 comment in a blog post in the history, so you guys are responsible for helping me to reach a new record >.<] . The winner will receive the gift on my 2nd year anniversary, which is plus/minus 23 April 2011.

Prizes: I will keep it as secreat for the moment, but it is something special that you can easily get in Melaka and hard to find in other places.

Period: The competition start as soon as you see this post [well, actually it started on 8th March 2011 adi] and it will end in 1 month time [ 8th April 2011]

Terms and condition:
1. Readers can send in as many comment as possible, but each reader can only entitle to 1 prize.
2. There is no restriction in comment style, whether it is good or bad, praise or nasty, it will not affect the chances in receiving prizes. Prizes will be giving according to how helpful the comment/suggestion can help in improving this blog.
3. NO vulgar words should be use, else the comment will be delete.
4. Either new reader or loyal reader can join this competition. But I expect new reader to read some of my previous post before giving comments. Don't give any ungrounded comments.
5. The competition is open to all Malaysian. This is not a nationality problem, but I can't afford to post/courier the gift to other country. Forgive me, this is not a sponsored post, all gift and postal fees are bare by me.
6. Please leave your e-mail address and blog URL (if any) so that I can contact you if you win.
7. Reader/commenter that is not willing to reveal their identity [which I guess that leads to nasty comment], you can still post it as anonymous. Anonymous winner will not be selected but the comment will not delete as long as no vulgar words was used.

What are you waiting for?! Start comment now! *>.<* byePhotobucket


  1. First time for visiting here & come to say Hi to you :)
    Happy 2nd Birthday to your bloggie :D
    you have a great blog, keep it up !! <3

  2. Happy 2nd anniversary. Keep blogging and keep up to your style.:)

  3. I comment not for prize just consider i'm anonymous...hihi

    What i want to say is Why my blog url is not in your blogroll since most super bloggers url is in list??? a bit sad...T.T...hahaha....

    Ok la,anyway happy 200th post of your blog.You have a good proper english writing in your blog which I like it.

    hahahahahaha......look forward your 300th, 400th, 1000th ,10000000th blog post ya.....wakakakakaka

    You know who I am ?? :)

  4. What I like the most about your blog is about the movie review. It is so details about the story line and thts why i love check out your blog. On the other hand,i think the header color is not match with the background color perhaps u can change one? :)

  5. I just want to greet you a Happy 2nd Anniversary! More power on your blog!

  6. early wish for you Blogger Anniversary :)

    i love your photo capture style..and your photos are clear enough too see..

    and i guess ur a very good reader for other bloggers' blog because i can saw many of your name appeared on different blog :P

    +u+u for your blog :)

  7. congrates for ur commitment in blogging life ;)
    cant wait for ur 1st competition

    (ummmmmm.... what to write ler?)
    Lemme think... first lah

  9. congrats!! 200! ! !happy birthday! XD
    wow competition? i just know you 1st time :D should i comment too? as my 1st impresson is your blog had 200 post! :D

  10. @Kathleen_YinLing @Allison @Juan Manila @Amirez @Lilian Hii (백합)thanks
    @Philip Khor LOL
    @疯子 Crazier thanks girl. Ofcourse I know who you are. I wun treat you as anonymous don't worry ^ ^
    @Sherry Degarmo yes! I am waiting for this. I am waiting for some1 to comment on the back ground colour and header. I am not good this things, I need ideas!
    @Catherine Ang thanks for the compliement! I learn the skill from my sifu, thats why you can see his style in my photos too. I you are interested to know more, you can visit him at
    @Rascat ofcourse! Do comment too! ^ ^

  11. WOW.200 post is a lot....2nd year like me...Congrate ya.=) Keep it up^^

  12. Congrats on your 200th post in 2 years. Keep the passion going. I think the best way to improve your blog is reduce how bright your site is, especially the menu. I know how you girls like to be pinky and all, but sometimes the color combinations hurt our eyes.

  13. oh! i wanna join :DD wtfprizewtf :DD

    Personally I think you and I has something in common from the way we chatted on Twitter :) your photography is awesome. :D and your blog, brat? i don't get it. cause the way you write your blog, it doesn't makes me sleepy :) <3

    p/s wtf is not a vulgar word ;D

  14. @♥Wei Wei♥ thanks! ^ ^
    @darranlow thanks I always know that its a problem, just no time and idea on how to do it. I need you(you guys)to help me on it~
    @PrisCielLa thanks pris. Teehee the prize very cheap nia, just that it is hard to find XD

  15. comment comment !

    1st suggestion - u can make a cool header on ur blog , make ppl can remember you easily

    2nd suggestion - u also can change ur blog layout or theme of ur blog ...

    3rd - hmmm about photo , not a big problem on ur blog , the problem is , u shld edit ur pic nicely , like the ''Y'' dun be so big la aha ...

    that's all my suggestion xD
    sorry if i too ''straight'' :D

    jia you !

  16. @欣苓 thanks for your comment. I like your style. I don't like belok-belok or flattering. I accept 1st and 2nd suggestion because I know the problem. What I need now is the idea and concept. Any idea? XD
    But I can't quite accept 3rd 1. No1 every complain about my photo not being edit nicely T.T(so hurt) the Y is my watermark, to avoid ppl plagiarize my photo to use it on other purposes.

  17. hi y-square, found you from nuffnang.

    first time here actually, cant comment much on it.. hehe
    just wanna wish : happy birthday to your blog !!!

  18. lol change d blog layout n header :P :P
    then, i still felt d font for ur watermark d outline very rough n pixelated -__-..go change d font pls LOLL

    and d Y in ur water very blur eh

  19. @maro^gal thanks!
    @jackie Loi how dare you say my layout suck, you are the designer ok, you are actually pointing yourself :p Do you judge my watermark in this photo or the previous 1 also?

  20. congrats:) chg ur template :) got a lot nice one ehh^^

  21. haha , yy , mayb u can try a small or cute watermark xD nice one gambateh ! i dun like my blog actually haha !so ugly -.- my blog ...i hate ! but i like my chinese blog xD do u read chinese blog ?

  22. @domokun Thanks. Yeah, wanted to change layout, any idea which style suits this blog? ^ ^
    @欣苓 ok, change watermark is in my list adi. Small or cute watermark? Hmmm.. cute yes, small not really, I made big watermark to prevent ppl cut off my watermak in my photo.

  23. Congrats on your 200th post keep it up....

  24. congratulationsss!! i think u need new header.. (: that's it...i like how simple ur blog looks... <3

  25. congrats on ur 200th post!! :D
    maybe you can give ur blog a new template/clothes as a change?? hehe other than that, i find ur posts all very original and nice! keep it up! :)

  26. Congrats on the 200th post! :D Since I'm real nice I'll help you up the number of comments to break your record :P

    So far I've read I think you're really honest in your blog, which is nice. I guess all you need now is to be more optimistic and I believe all good things will come eventually! ;)