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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Chicken Teriyaki and Grilled Norvegian Salmon from Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe (Review)

For those of you who lives in Klang valley, Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe is something around you. You are so familiar with you that you wouldn't bother to put much attention on it.
As for me, an KL-ite "trapped" in Melaka and only come to KL occasionally, Garden is something very new to me! ^ ^

It has a very nice interior. The concept is similar to Full house.
Don't ask me who is better *>.<* I can't decide :p

Ordered a bowl of green tea. Opt for Jasmine usually, but green tea is not bad too.
Note that this English-like pot is not as simple as you can see:

Tada! The bottom of the pot is actually a cup!
PhotobucketOh you know that already?!... hahaha.... Photobucket(that is so embarrassingPhotobucket)

Chicken Teriyaki (RM18.90)
The chicken is well marinated, not too soft, still can feel the texture with slightly crisp skin.
Mash potato is not blend with other ingredient but blends great with the Teriyaki sauce.
I just don't know why there is this tomato on top of the chicken. I mean the whole combination of chicken, sauce, vege and mash potato is great though I still need to figure out why the tomato sauce is there....

Grilled Norvegian Salmon (RM29.90)
It's my fault that I didn't record the most precious side of the beauty. The Salmon is only half cook. The inner part of the salmon is still pinkish, while the outer layer is orange in color. Nothing much to comment on the side dish dish. It is much expensive than Chicken Teriyaki but larger in portion.

If you need more information, please visit their homepage at Garden-Cafe
or Facebook Page.

Overall: 8/10 (Not much to praise but it has also noting much to be complain)
Taste bud indulgence: 8/10 (Up to its standard, but still not the best dish I ever tried.)
Purse saver: 6/10 (It is only worth it if you are more to an atmosphere person instead of taste bud driven)
Atmosphere: 9/10 (Very relax atmosphere, not really romantic. The part-time pianist may be something you will look forward.)


  1. Hi - I found you on the blogfarm. This food looks delicious!!! Great photos.