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Monday, February 21, 2011

My relationship diary (II)

Hey, how ya doing?! Glade you come to read my blog. Either you are a loyal reader (which probably not) or blog-walking and landed here, I am here to wish you a warm welcome ^ ^(This intro sucks~)

As you probably may not know, I am single again (duh…. You were single like since last year = =). What you all know is that I broke up with my boyfy last year, which I didn’t quite remember when was it… but what I didn’t tell you guys was that we were together again after that. Well, I ask for a chance and he did the same, so we were all happy again. I set some ground rules, so that we don’t step on each other foot again. However, sadly, we broke up again.

I am the one who initiates the broke up, both times. You might think “this bitch is a whore…”, “she doesn’t appreciate her bf”, “she is so ugly, he should have left her for like 12 years ago”….Well, maybe…. I don’t want to explain everything here cause if I do, I will look more like a jerk.

However, I have to admit that we had great time together. I missed him some times. What I remember the most isn’t he brings me to some expensive restaurant or hang out in the mall not even the movie we watch. What I missed most is that how he holds me. I had a chance to stay with him back to on the New Year holiday in my house in Melaka. It was the most memorable experience in my life.

I admit that I still love him (bitch, if you love her, why you dump him in the 1st place, you got another guy or something?), but sometimes when you love someone so much, you have to let go so that he can be better without you. Well, that is not what actually what happen to my case, but I do have some advice for you.

Be truth to your love one.

No lies between you 2.

No even those like “it’s for your own good”

Yeah, I do enjoy a lot in my relationship and suffer a little from it. What I lost is far much that what I have gained. However, I still choose to hip off from this relationship. I have realized how enormous a green monster I can turn into when I lost control. I know I don’t really have to hide my feelings and pretend that I am a princess and be cool at the time. Even princesses have feeling, they fart sometimes (= =).What I mean is that everyone may lose their temper some times. That is just life. I choose not to because I decided to raise my standards.

Ok, that has gone too far. Well, I am really stressed out in my study recently, lots of things that I should do fallout from schedule. I didn’t even prepare my test well enough and have to do assignment still late night but still an ex-lecturer ask me out for an interview session to know more about my study skills. (WHAT?!)

OK, I went too far, AGAIN. What I mean is that I wish you guys all the best in your relation plus study of course… and work maybe~ well, I don’t really know who you all. Anyway, I wish my ex is doing good too. I feel a bit uneasy these few days coz no 1 is there to talk to me on the phone every night before I sleep and no mushy sms to wake me up some time on the weekend or a morning call when I need to up early. I don’t know he will be please if I mention his name here, but if you do, please let me know.
That’s all for tonight! Less than negative 3! ( < -3 )


  1. elo dear. yeaa. im the one who broke up with him . but i cried for it too. haha. xD
    i seriously don't know what's wrong with us :D
    But have a happy life ahead, with no regrets aite!