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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taman Seribu Bunga(Thousand Flower Garden), the hidden gems in Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

Long ago, in the land far away, there is a hidden enchanted garden in the castle. No one know where is it, not even the latest GPS technology nor Google map can find me.
However, I did found such a place on earth!

Taman seribu bunga, Ayer Keroh Melaka
Located 5 minutes driving distance from Ayer Keroh toll, Melaka, hidden a enchanted garden behind the Castle of Seri Negeri Melaka.

Taman seribu bunga, Ayer Keroh Melaka
Not even the Google map knows it is there.

The secret garden do not need you to pass through any guards, brick walls neither the castle.

In fact, it has a different entrance from the castle (Seri Negeri Melaka) but it has link between the castle(Seri Negeri Melaka) and the garden

For the local, it is not a secret garden any more. They came here to shoot,

to play, to read and to relax their mind.
As for me, I was stress on my study, relationship and health problem, so I went there to have a walk on a quite weekend afternoon.

Below are photos I shoot using my Lumix.




It may look huge here, butt his tiny flower is as small as my finger tip.

I really need to give an big applause to my model, THE FLY. I was shooting him for like more than 10 pictures and he was still sitting there with no movement. I think no other model in the world can do so.
Can I hear some claps? (*clap clap clap*)
Thank you!


These 2 are my favorite shoot.
I even make them as my desktop background!

Now, you can have them too! ^ ^
Just click on the backgroud you would like to have and new tab will popup.
Save the original size will right clicking and choose save.
This size fix my laptop, but I am not sure it fits your ^^|||.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

RIP octopus Paul (die you, you should die earlier)

I was annoy by all blogger blogging about Octopus Paul.
So, as to deliver my deeply condolances die you, you should die earlier, I went to have some Takoyaki as a remembrance to IT.


Rest in pieceis, in my stomach!Photobucket

My single diary

It's has been a week. Well, not really counting it but yeah, its so eay to remember plus it's a wild week. I have 2 quiz, and 1 test on the same day. Communication principle test, dean list award, Electromagnetic test etc.

This is how my mood within this week.

Well, these all are just about my relationship, not including college life, studies, friends, etc.
Now I am all ok ( I hope so).
Take up some blogger's advise to list down, organize and settle down, this is my to do list for my exam period. Hope can pull through it.

To do list:

Drop 5 kgs--> 55 kg
-sit up 20x2 times perday.
-complete 2 sets of rehab everyday
-Only simple dinner (oats)
-take up swimming again, 2 times per week after the final.
Complete data structure assignment
-try out lect’s list coding
-research on the topic
-start it on Sunday, due it on at least Wednesday
-Taman seribu bunga
-Dean list award
-Day out at the end of semester
-Pak Putra
-Bee farm
-Taman mini Asia dan Malaysia
-Taman Botanikal
-Taman Rama-rama
Study EMT
-complete notes
-complete exercise in reference book
-complete tutorial
-complete take home quiz
Renew road tax for Sisi
Check carry mark with lect
Going to Arena again?
Makes myself busy and totally forget about Jackie
Ask some friends out for gathering when back to KL
-Bell, Cherry, Choo choo, Veniger, Karen
-Hew, vampire, Lun, terry, Weng Yi, kent, pn chew?

Addition for the post.
OMG! Katy Perry become so pretty recently! Must be because of her marriage is coming soon.
Well, an unrelated song, Teenage Dream, was waiting for it's MTV for quite some time.

Congrats Katy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sorting using C++ in both ascending and descending order

When I am doing a home work research on this topic, I found very little help from the net and all scatted around. So, I wanna publish it to share with you guys.
There are 4 sorting technique I wanna discuss here. Note that, I get the information from the internet and then compile it.

Bubble sort:

bublle sort

Bubble sort coding

Selection sort:
Selection sort


Insertion sort:
Insertion sort

Insertion sort coding

Quick sort:
Quick sort

Quick sort coding

Because I had an assignment/experiment to complete a C++ coding with the output as below, that is why I started to search all these thing.

You can download the coding from here
and the experiment report here
It will be extremely beneficial to my junior (I guess so) and for those for wants a one stop information for sort using C++.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am single at the moment.

After more than 3 years attach to Jackie. I am single again. It really reminds me the time I was in Form 4 and form 5, where what I care most is my studies and co-curriculum.

I am kindda passive in co-cu since I came into UTeM, not really Jackie’s fault, but Jackie did influence me, again, not Jackie's fault.

Back to the topic,

You guys must have scared to ask me about this. Scared that I was only joking or scaried that I’m still hurt.

Don’t worry, I am not the one who being dumped. I am the one who asked to break up.

So, I am the one who hurt people. But come to think of it, if I am not being hurt so constantly that I can’t take it, I wun make the decision to broke up, didn’t I?

Ok, this is not the time to judge who is wrong and who is right.

What matters is that; please help me to take care Jackie. He is a good man, a good boy.

If we were not in a long distance relationship, we might have engaged or got married about this time.

Well, I can’t really explain why I wanna end this relationship. All the small small things, cumulated from time to time. It’s not that we didn’t communicate well; it’s not we argue often; it’s not even close to the situation that our love cools down. It’s just that I am the first one who surrenders. I can’t take it any more.

If there is anyone who has to blame because of this situation, it has to be me.

This was how I explained, I texted him:

I hate it when every time I said I’m fine but I’m actually not.

I hate it when every time I said ok but it actually hurts.

I hate it when you spend luxuriously and got drunk but I can’t say a word on it.

I hate to have a long distance relationship.

I even hate more when I can’t see you when I got chance.

I hate that I’m free when you are busy.

I once prefer you to concentrate more on your work rather than me, and then I was proven wrong.

I like the way you are serious in your work but not the way your ego controls.

At the end, I don’t even know what I like about you.

Sorry, it might just be my hormone problem that cause the mood swing, but at least I know, now I’m more than conscious.

Good bye my dear, when I’m back to KL again, I’ll not be the same girl again

He replied:

Aw dear.. I’m reli sorry.

Pls take care dear… I m sorry for unable to spend time wif u

Jackie, please take care too. I promise to be a different girl when I comes back to KL and I will.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Philea Resort and Spa, Ayer Keroh Melaka.

Philea Resort and Spa logo
I beg you never heard the namePhotobucket

Philea Resort and Spa entrance
Or see this place before.Photobucket

But, it might be just the most mesmerizing travel experience in your life.

Philea Resort and Spa Map
Located less than 2 minutes of driving distance, or I should say just next to the Ayer Keroh Toll,
(hey, 5 minutes driving distance from my campus yo!)

Prime Minister was here.
It is the latest new resort in Melaka, launched by current Prime Minister, Y.A.B Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak on 19 Jun 2010.

Philea Resort and Spa tariff rate
The Resort consists of 3 types of rooms, which is:

Royal villa
Royal Villa (bunglo style :P but has only 2 unit)

Philea suite
Philea suite (non detached town house?)

Pavillion villa
and Pavilion villa (apartment style)

Unfortunately, I couldn't go in to see it's internal. However, from it external design, I don't need to convince you that I like it very much.

A lil bit of Japanese Zen, a bit of cow-boyish wildness, a lil bit of stone-age roughness and all of the lil bit here and there mix and match to become a very unique Philea-ish taste.

Philea Resort consist of a large area in Ayer Keroh, offering a Xanadu like stay.

It's so peacefull that you wouldn't feel any paparazzi is following you
(:P miss leading)

Royal villa's external



It's so beautiful that I don't feel like leaving, but there is just one problem that hurts mePhotobucket:

Media Familiarization Tour: 15-17 Oct 2010

Hey, why wasn't I been invited?Photobucket

*for more information you can visit there web site at: