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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to create a magnetic lock: Phase I : Try and error

After getting advice from my junior's father, where he advice me to get the E core from some old unwanted transformers.
old tranformer
This is the one I get from the junk store opposite to my house.

variety of old transfoemers
And get some others from my dad and brother's friends.

After trying to dissect them, this is the result:
Mess after trying to dissect a transformer
creats a mess and get nothing.

Then, I ask my dad to help. After a few knocking, he gave up and said:
"How could this possibly be open?! It's glue together. "

Leaving me with my confuse face.

What the ~~~~
Shouldn't you make a mess and trash at least 1/2 of what I created before giving up?
Oh God. I can't think of anything worst than this.
That leaves me no choice but to buy a set of brand new core.
P/S: If you are doing what I'm doing, you can definitely skip this phase.

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