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Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me!!!!!

Remember I said my phone pass away and revived the other day?
Well, my SE G900 has follow me for more than 1 year.

Maybe I just not very good in taking care of her. She got scratches and wounds all over her lovely red body
My SE G900

My SE G900

My SE G900
I didn't dump her for all this reasons.

I was pissed by her attitude.
She become slower and slower everyday.
This lil old lady gets lag when I open a few application at the same time, not to mention the worst nightmare.

Restart phone!!!

Restart my SE G900 took long time.

However, I still keep her though she always put on a show of bad temper,coz
My SE G900 using Digi sim card
Notice what I wanna tell?

Not the Red table cloth lah!Photobucket

It's the yellow Sim card.

My SE G900
Thats right! Digi, always the Smartest Choice!
Digi Logo
I didn't change any phone yet because I am attach to the Digi D'campus plan.
All other smart phone have to subscribe to data plan, else not internet=no smart phone :/
I even did a blog post about the D'campus plan because I was so in love with it that time.

I help Digi promote D campus
Don't worry neither Digi nor Nuffnang bribe me to do so.

It's funny that a red devil like me didn't took up the hotlink red plan but choose the yellow man instead.
Digi is one and only Telco service provider since I own my first phone.
I did wanted to change to a BB when my SE G900 passed away and before revived.
However, the data plan pulls me back.

Now, instead of paying a huge amount for a new phone, I can have a new iPhone 4 with lower rate of post paid plan! Isn't that great?!
Idigi rate
It's like having a cheaper data plan plus after purchasing a brand new phone

OMG!!! Isn't that cool?

iPhone 4!!!

Ihone 4

Muacks!!! I lover Digi 4evar!!!!!!!!!

Courtesy to Nuffnang and Digi, one lucky winner will get this iPhone 4!!!
Me, YY wants an Iphone 4


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