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Friday, April 2, 2010

Inotek 2010

If you have never hear of Inotek before, fear not. Coz this is a competition held by my faculty once in a year. Its like the greatest event for all of us. Every final year student is exited on it. It is like a simulation for their final presentation on coming week.

Student presenting to judge/lecturer/outsiders.

One of my senior's project

It is an entry monitoring system.
However, it is not functioning as what the designer wants. It still have some problem on the data storage and data presenting system.

Another project from my direct senior, Speech recognition technology in learning a language.

Some alarm system to control the tanks level.

I think this is quite cool, sms to control the light.

All are good, as good as an art.

Until I confuse that I am in an innovation competition or an art gallery?

Foot note: UTeM sucks, it blocks facebook app and now my photobucket, luckily i have not delete the imageshack-frog. UTeM is abusing blogger's right.... wuwuwu FML...

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