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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My 21st birthday celebration touch down , Part 2: After the Food Party?

As you see, food is the major in a house party. When we finish eating, what should we do?Photobucket

With the fullest stomach, we have ever had, we continue the session with some tea and Birthday cake. Not to forget Mooncake which is just around the corner (at that moment lah)

For my friends (ex-classmate) pulak, they still in the eating (or I prefer to all it stomach stuffing process) process.

Deaf Corn (jagung pekak) on the move.
Can't believe it, his stomach can apply World Genius record adi....

Another 2 guys gay-ing around.
Photobucket guys go play far far lah, don't mess with my sofa.

Ping Pong tournament on the dining table.

KTV session on the main living room.

Chess or whatever board game tournament on the second living room.

Dog training session in front of the house.

Camewore session after the dinner and before Ping Pong tournament starts

Among all those activities I stated, did you mention something funny?Photobucket
I was not in there to join themPhotobucket.
It is my birthday, why can't you all do something related to me?
PhotobucketNext time don't wanna invite you all for my birthday party liao...

However, (at least) I got something in return. My gift, all Ang Pau.
The amount in it is as little as you can think of