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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My 21st birthday celebration touch down , Part 1: Food Party!!!

Yes you heard me!!! You gonna see lotsss of food here.
My Birthday was kick start on the day my Birthday itself with a bunch of my society's member. They treat us (the September baby) cake.

Awww....~~~ so touched!!!Photobucket

Next, was my Birthday celebration with all family, which happens one week after my Birthday. I was having Hari Raya Holiday, so my parent invite all my relatives and some of my friends to come.

Shopping before the big day

On the big day, Mummy prepare lots of dishes:

One of the dish is chicken

Hmmm... why this pic reminds me of Mr. Bean huh?
Erm... You know what I mean....

PhotobucketWakakakaka... I missed Mr. Bean.

Kuah for the steam chicken, Cantonese Style

Prawns (shrimps) with tomatoes and soy sauce.

Seafood toufou.

Popcorn chicken

spicy popcorn chicken

Fry noodles

Nothing special, just showing off the fish cakes.
(which I don't really like fish cakes)

French fries

P/S: My mom secret weapon. Frying french fries with a pot.

Curry Chicken or Chicken Curry?

The best photo I took on that day.

That was most of the dish my mom serve that day, next is desert:


And most important of all, CAKES>>>>>.<<<<<<<

I got 2 cakes sekali gus... wow hoh....
I really don't don't when will I post the part 2 and part 4. Really busy with assignment on few weeeks before, and now the final exam is coming again. Hope I can finish off the on hold blog after the final and before the 2nd sem starts. GAN ABN TEH everyone!!!!

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