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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thai snacks

Before Influenza H1N1 blows Asia, my mom went to Thai. She knows I love snacks, so she left some for me. My house went unders snacks curfew and some snacks are keep in a secret locked places before I back home after my 2nd sem final exam. Thanks to my mom, I got to taste those snacks that she bough one month before I went back .

Coconut Toffee

Woooooh.....It cost RM35? Who believe? Eat gold better....

It is so chewable. Texture 100 X better than rabbit brand mild candy.

Now you see it;

Now you don't!

The pimple agent

i.e. peanuts

Then the mean chocolates.
I don't mean that its mean but it is so mean that it means my stomach.

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