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Sunday, June 14, 2009

MATLAB (week 4, day 1 & 2)

This MATLAB subject was conducted at Industrial Electronic Lab.

There are some unknown (at least I can't identify it @.@) gadgets

We use MATLAB version 7.0.4. I never use MATLAB before so I can't compare this latest version to its previous one.

Our group's instructor for MATLAB (Photobucket, don't tell him I put his pic here). He is indeed very straight and sorry to say: fierce. I was scolded by him lots of time. I even can feel in my eyes when he scold mePhotobucket

As I know, only Engineering student use MATLAB. Maybe Maths student use it too (izzit? I am not usre). The software need programming skills thats why we have to learn programming languge in our 1st year. (Click here to see my C++ Computer Programming notes)

MATLAB makes Graph pltting simple. You can set a range that you wanna focus(view) .If you are not stisfy with the view you preset, you can drag it till the range you wants to view.

Hahaha...I was so free, I finish the test early, so I twist the screen. How itchy is my handsPhotobucket . At the starting of the class, I was like omgthisissofunPhotobucket, but at the end of the class I was like omgthisissoboring.

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