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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Introduction to the C++ language

Computer Programming (Chapter 4)

1. Put more effort on operators, assignment operator, operator precedence and comparision operators .
2. Precedence is most important in this chapter.
3. Use more int and double coz it is fastest. Last time short is use more often coz it takes less space, but nowaday, memory is not a problem already but speed and performance. When you test, you may found out that it has not much differences, but when you try in a very long program, the compiler will jam (lag).
1.Click on the pic i.e. notes and mind map for a larger view and it's URL.
2.If you can't remember the precedences, then you can use brackets () to group the operation that should be carry out first. However, if it you are taking theory test, then oppssss.... I can't help you with it, you should do some memory exercise.

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